Friday, 6 March 2009

Oh My Giddy Aunt....

Bless you and thank you sweeties for your concern. Sorry, yes, I have been off the rails but not in an "Easy Rider" sort of way, more of a "for Flip's sake" sort of way.

Got an offer for the house - nice couple of Balham. Too low, Husband says, can't accept it. Disappointment sat in my stomach like a stone. They're first time buyers - they probably can't find the money. So back to indifferent viewers tramping over the house. I really thought we'd caught a live one there.

Go to London to cheer up. Meet mate outside Cineworld Chelsea. Phone goes. School. Son is ill. Leg it all the way back up the Kings Road. On the train home, Husband phones, he had collected him after all . Come home, have a bloody lie down. Bollocks to it. Cat bites me.

Then work. Stocktaking. What is this work shit? I hate it.

Son been off for three days. Yesterday he drove me mad lying on that bloody sofa. But today I feel much better about it for some reason.

Went to see Fatso in his shop. He seemed in good spirits. Probably had Danny Boyle on the phone. And the miserable git actually said Goodbye as i walked out. Took his bloody temperature I tell you! He'll be smiling next!

Missed you, sweeties


Henry the Dog said...

Your hubby did right. Mum says if folk start accepting lower prices, the whole market will keep diving. The main reason it's going down at the moment is due to a big heap of repossessions. It'll level off if folk like you, who don't HAVE to sell, will hold out for sensible prices. Sorry about your son. Mum and me laughed our socks off about Fatso and the Danny Boyle remark. Very sharp Jennysmith. xxx

French Fancy said...

Well, how I look at it is like this - if you can afford to move on at the price they offered, then I would go for it. I can see Henry and your husband's point though. Mind you, I'm no property tycoon - I've bought places at a bad time and sold at an even worse time.

Shame about your boy

Glad you are back.

A Modern Mother said...

You always make me laugh. I love your crisp style. Brilliant.

Suburbia said...

Missed you too!

How is your son? Is it sickness? I can't bare it when they can't stop vommiting. One of mine's gone to bed feeling sick, I hope I'm not up half the night scraping vomit off the carpet!

S x

Polly said...

Hope your son is on the mend, as horrible as it sounds I love the peace I get when my little fella is unwell and out to it.

Henry the Dog's Mum said...

Jennysmith - I HAD to pop by because you're one of my favourite bloggers and I just wanted to say hello. I'm blogging whilst I'm in the UK and Henry hound's in the kennels. I'm not actually IN the UK yet (go tomorrow) but am there all next week. See you around sweetie xxxx
PS: I think FFancy has a point - if you CAN afford to move on at the price then why not?

Marie and John said...

Hello Jenny,

Welcome back. I was beginning to get worried as it's so unlike you to go days without blogging.

Really sorry about the house. You never know they might come back with a higher offer that will please your husband.

Sorry to hear about your son. How is he.

How is your toe. Hopefully it's not causing you too much pain and discomfort.



Jennysmith said...

Thank you sweeties for your lovely comments.

Henry, you really are bang on. Husband absolutely wouldn't shift and now i see the logic in it. Especially as the buggers upped to a more acceptable price - what's stamp duty again?

Lovely to hear from you, FF, Modern Mother, Suburbia and polly. I love you all - as that fat lady used to say in Morcambe and Wise.

Henry's Mum? So nice to meet you at last. So youre comin back to homeground eh? well, welcome back (in advance) England will be much nicer once you are in it. You're one of my favourite bloggers too.

Hi marie and John, have missed you too. Toe a bit better thanks.

and don't talk to me about that child i've given birth to! the little bugger! xxxxx

The Dotterel said...

That cat of your's is a bloody liability! Does it need a 'holiday'?