Sunday, 7 June 2009

Carry on....where?

Am at my wits end. Lady buyer was supposed to have paid for a surveyor a week ago. Have we heard anything? Have we shite? Why are they being so slow? So absolutely terrified we are going to lose the house we want. So absolutely terrified we will be stuck here forever.

And once you have the survey done, it doesn't stop there. The buyers have to ooh and aah at all the shit things in this house that need to be done. That would slow things up too.

Saw a house for sale that I've always liked up the main road. Cheered me slightly, thought we'd go and look at it. Until I looked up the price - £454,0000 - yes, I know. Three bedroom, fifties semi detached. So prices are creeping up again. Well, thats us screwed! There might be a one bedroom flat in Feltham we could afford. Am so broke up.

To comfort myself I watched Carry On Loving on BBC2. People generally slag off this film but I think its great! Nearly every line has a double-entendre! My top three are Carry On Camping, Carry On Cleo and this one...

Son walks in in the middle of it. What year was this film? , he asks. 1970 I reply. Oh, he says , are they still alive? (bless him). And everyone I point out - I realise that no, they're not.
Tell Son Charles Hawtry was an alcoholic and presumably died of drink. Sid James had a heart attack and Kenneth Williams killed himself. Don't know how any of the birds died - was too depressed to think about it by then.

By the time the credits came up, I was suicidal Syd. Bloody kids!

What a rotten sunday! Next week I'm off up to bloody Brick Lane, I tell you!


troutay said...

umm I'm a Yank. What's a bloody brick road?

And do not contemplate offing yourself. I enjoy reading your blog life and would be disappointed if you decided that non breathing was better than breathing.

I'll smoke a cig for you.

Suburbia said...

.............and 1970 seems like only yesterday!

Hope the house thingy moves swiftly for you soon.

S x

Rebel Mother said...

Oh, I Love the carry on films - fabulous. Feel good movies. Lovely! Shame most of 'em have popped their clogs in such unfortunate circumstances - thats not good!

Hope Lady buyer gets her arse in gear......RMx

Jennysmith said...

Hello Troutay sweetie

I take it you're referring to Brick Lane in the East End of london. It used to be a notorious rough area full of villians and thieves. now its sort of more chic with artists and vintage shops and that. I'm not wild about the place but anything's better than a Sunday in Twickenham! There is an art fair there on Sunday. Get yourself over here! Will show you around.

Here's a light for your fag.

Hi Sub dear, oh, I know. It seems like yesterday I went to the cinema to see those rompy films. People were more innocent then - sigh! Why don't you come to Brick Lane too?

Hi RM, I know what you mean. I used to treasure those cinema outings to see things like Carry On Cleo and that. Little did I know about the underlying tragedies. Quite glad I didn't actually.

Will expect you up Brick Lane on Sunday too - don't be late

Bless you all for your support
see you on Sunday xxxx

Polly said...

Lovely Jen - I hope things pan out a little more smoothly for you, what a pain. Personally I was a fan of Carry on Up the Jungle (actually it is the only one i have ever seen, but as a kid I thought it was hilarious)

Thanks for asking how I am - up and down at the moment, my blood pressure is playing up - too low which makes me very tired and sick - but oh well means DD needs to pull his finger out and give me a hand.

Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

It would be Carr On Camping, Carry on Doctor and Carry On Taxi for me. Maybe the army one as well - can't remember the name.
I hope you had fun in Brick Lane. Havent been there for years. There used to be a kosher bakery there that made the best cakes and bred stuff. See if its still there, will you?

dulwich divorcee said...

I love the vampire one, can't be called Carry On Sucking but is the one with 'frying tonight', don't know if you remember?