Monday, 15 June 2009

Forgive me....

Sorry I haven't been on for a while, O brothers and only friends, there is so very little to say. And yet so very much. Well, if you count whinging. And no, we have heard frack-all about the house. Why is God punishing me like this? I know I've hit rock-bottom when I start blaming The Man himself. But what is going on?

Went to Brick Lane yesterday to the Car Boot Art Fair. What a load of old shit! Where did all those people come from ? And that loud music! I'm just too old for all that shit. In the eighties I used to walk through Camden Lock without a qualm - and it was just as noisy and just as crowded. My poor mate and her boyfriend and mum were really going through it, standing under that gazebo all day, that loud noise penetrating them. While Boyfriend did charcoal portraits for £25. Didn't make a penny all day apparently. Why am I drawing comfort from someone else's misery?

Saw Peter Blake there. And Gavin Turk. The only two contemporary artists I really know.
Wanted Peter Blake's autograph. Too scared to ask! Forget what an old man he is now.

Got the hell out of there as soon as bloody possible. What a shit-hole!

Son announces at bloody 8 o'clock tonight that he has to do a powerpoint presentation for tomorrow. For this Critical Thinking thing he's on. The little bugger, leaving something like that at the last minute. Was furious with him. So once again someone else hogs the computer and does a big project that eats into Adult time. Can't remember where husband's gone - a brothel probably. Or an opium den. He's probably at Brick Lane.

Cat's birthday today. She's 3 years old. The little cow didn't like her new basket or her card or her catnip toy. Ungrateful brat! Worse than the bloody kids!

Going to Brentford tomorrow. Don't ask me why. I just feel it calling me somehow.


Suburbia said...

Missed you too Jen :-) Gosh, that bastard list must be getting bigger again!


troutay said...

Yep Yep, slacking off on the job!
Ah kids...they always wait until the last minute. My daughter (23) just told me she needs a dress for a wedding this weekend. and I have to make it!

Cheers. You will hear about the house shortly!

Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

Brick Lane has changed that much? Been a long while since I went there... used to just sell cheap old tat.

Dont be too hard on the old man. For all you know, he may own the brothel and the opium den.

The Dotterel said...

For some nylons?

Milla said...

you call 8pm the night before last minute? Girl, you haven't lived. Maths homework made its grubby appearance at 8.45 this morning!
Love the whereabouts of your husband.

Jennysmith said...

Surburbia my little sweet, lovely to see you. No, it turned out Husband went to a political (mass) debate at the Georgraphical Institute - think I prefered the brothel/den.

Hi Troutay sweetie, thank you for your lovely comments. Hows the dress?

Hi Dave sweetie, no, rest assured, its still a rat-hole and yes, full of cheap tat for sale. But they are trying to disguise this by making it more bohemian. I won't be looking for a house down there I tell you!

Hi D, No, i bought nylons this morning from the ultimate spiv - Fatso. And they're rubbish!!!

Milla sweetie, nice to see you. I thought I was following you but it turned out i wasn't. Will do something about that straight away!

Yes, it sounds like i got off lightly

Bless you sweeties xxxx

Chairman Bill said...

Re the last sentence - must be the nylons

Polly said...

Happy Birthday to the Cat.
Whinge away my sweet - we are all here to sympathise.

Jennysmith said...

Oh right, I get it now. of course! Brentford Nylons! What a rave from the grave! Do you know Hounslow still had that sign up on one of their shops for a very long time. Was so dissapointed when they took it down!

Hi Polly sweetie, hope you're feeling okay and growing bigger! xxxx