Saturday, 27 June 2009

What a scorcher!

Sorry to borrow a headline from the Sun. Couldn't think of anything else.

At least it wasn't the one about eating the hamster.

Still suffering and really sick of this woman pissing us about. Put the house back on the market. Cracked up about it on thursday and Husband said Enough Already!. And if we lose the house we want, then sod it, I'm miserable of being miserable - if you see what I mean. And I hear sheltered accommodation is very nice these days.

Have mixed feelings about Michael Jackson's demise. That bugger stood us up in 1992. All day long we sat in that Wembly bloody stadium and then this fat git who called himself a manager announced at 7.30, the time he was due to come on, that Michael had flu and wouldn't be appearing.

We're going to Have the Git - I think were the words me and my sunburnt mate used at the time. Had to trudge back to that shithole 3 weeks later to see him.

But I didn't know it would be THIS sort of revenge! Oh Lordy!

I really liked him at the time of Billy Jean and Thriller. He really had it on board then. None of this going white shit and bubbles the chimp. He was healthy looking, black and slim and talented. That must have been his peak now I think about it.

Went to Richmond park to do some more suffering. Photographed this old thing and told him all about the house move problems. His eyes look a little glazed as you can see.

Do they have problems with nests and nest-viewers and that? guess I'll never know.


Dave Jones said...

Wow!!! I agree its not worth being unhappy.

The Jako thing is winding me up; too many people getting upset about a guy and not getting upset about real shit ~ like children dying in this country. Great post by the way. I dont respond much but love the take on life. Dave

Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

You'll get there, Jenny. The whole house selling and moving process is tense anyway. Deep breaths, deep breaths. Good job you got those two orange dogs. Gives you something to go and kick. I hope you are walking!

@eloh said...

I feel like I've been transported back to the frickin sixties...I'm a kid again...The President has been killed and he's on every frickin channel...I just want my Mr. Ed Show or some Gunsmoke...enough is enough already.

Chairman Bill said...

If Jacko had flu, it just shows how useless the face masks are agains swine flu - or was that pre his face mask era?

Didn't know your other half was Jewish.

Rebel Mother said...

It a pain in the jacksy moving. dont stress. If you are meant to have that house you'll get it or one thats even better!

The dancing in Thriller was fabulous.


French Fancy said...

I agree with you about Jacko - it's all gone a teensy weensy bit silly now. Shame the house thing is getting to you - fingers crossed it all pans out in the end


Jennysmith said...

thank you so much my little sweets.

Dave, wouldn't dream of kicking my little orange creatures. My cat gives them a hard time as it is. And Husband puts his feet on 'em.

Gunsmoke? I think I remember that one. Don't know about Mr Ed tho'.

Jewish? Schmooish? Bill. Yes, perhaps youre right, maybe he is, will ask him.

Hello my lovely rebel mother and french fancy. thank you for your lovely words. hope you are both well. am thinking of you

well, thats me dripping with sweat and emotion. have a lovely evening and try not to get too hot! xxx

Suburbia said...

Sorry you are suffering. I bet that bird was a great shoulder to cry on eh? Oh, silly me, they don't really have shoulders do they?!

I'll cross my fingers for you, not that that is much help really, and it makes it a bit hard to type.

Anyway, if you need cheering up, there are lots of very funny, if also very irreverent jokes flying around about poor Michael.


Polly said...

Kinda feel sorry for Michael, hope people can forget the strange behaviour and just remember the music and talent.

I agree unhappiness is not fun. I hope it all sorts itself out soon enough for you.