Thursday, 18 June 2009

Thanks a bundle .......

Well, as if my life isn't in tatters enough.

It was McDonalds night at the Smoking household - our fortnightly treat - when my chip-loving daughter announced she didn't want one! They'd been showing that Super Sized Me film at school. The one where this bloke lives on McDonalds and exposes the fast food corporations.

Well, thanks a lot, Morgan Spurlock - or whatever your stupid name is! I had to bloody cook instead! Look mate, if you want to stuff yourself with McDonalds to prove to us what we already know, thats up to you, you fat git. But Please keep it to yourself ! I go with Nigel Slater that there is no such thing as bad food, just everything in moderation. Whatever you do in America is up to you! But please don't flaunt it at my vulnerable daughter!!!

Bastard. Gonna find out what food gives him an easier time and will write a dry and humourless book and get it financed as a film - see how he bloody likes it!

Don't get me wrong, I don't like big greedy corporations either. I don't like to see them dominate our towns and change their characters. I was saying this to someone in Starbucks just this morning. But I was very sad when our local McDonalds was closed down about five years ago. What people really didn't get is that it was the only place to meet in our dead and alive high street. Yes, the food was shit but the sense of community flourished.

They say there's a community here but there isn't really, only if you know who to ask. Where McDonalds, everyone and anyone walked in there. And you spoke to virtually everyone. It was a bit like that place in Grease where Danny and Knickie used to meet for sodas with their birds and everyone. There isn't anything like that now since its become a Superdrug.

Now answer me that, Morgan Spurlock, eh?

Where's my fags?


Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

Some kids eh? Back in our day all we had were Wimpy, fish n chip shops and burger vans. The luxury of McDonalds was unknown to us. And we could only afford fags in packs of ten.

Suburbia said...

Oh for the days of Danny and Sandy........

@eloh said...

I just finished off a Mac sandwich and lit up..I really like your blog, I feel right at home here.

Jennysmith said...

Hi Dave. I can only afford a pack of ten now! Sovereign or Carlton - remember them?

Hi Sub, oh I could just sit down now and watch that film!

Hi @eloh, nice to meet you. Thank you for your sweet comment. Yes, I have just lit up too. It seems we have a boycott on big Macs here - without my consent that is!


French Fancy said...

Fancy thinking it was going to be a night off cooking and then getting lumbered with it at the last minute - no justice for you, Jen


Polly said...

DD took me on a date to McDonalds last night, now where would we be without that kind of intimate and romantic setting, Morgan Spurlock obviously didn't think too hard did he.

Belly not doing to much yet ut this is what happened with Ollie - give me about another month and over night it will pop.