Thursday, 16 July 2009

Gawd Blimey!

Three days now I have been trying to post on here! Three days!!

Wednesday we had another surveyor round here (one the third buyer paid for himself). Welsh bloke , nice and that, reminded me of that one in Marion and Geoff - Keith Barrett wasn't it. He told me to just ignore him while he went round the house. Then the minute I touched the keyboard, it was yak, yak, bloody yak. The silly sod.

Kept telling me about the last house he went to, where the woman was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Well, I mean, bless her and all that but let me get on with my bloody posting!!! And then he was banging on about our slate roof. The stupid git! I just gave up and logged off.

And yesterday, we went to a private screening of the new Harry Potter film on Tottenham Court Road. A corporate thing from this bank Husband uses at work. Run all the way up that bloody long road in me best shoes, didn't I. We got a free pack of sweets as we went in, popcorn and a bottle of water by each seat. And the film started promptly.

Now, I don't want to be like that Jonathon Meades and call all Harry Potter material complete shit like he did. (In the Radio Times too!). I think thats very ungenerous of him - and also a bit of Green is in there I think. But the prospect of sitting through this bloody thing.....

However I got lost in it as best I could and then the wonderful climax and highlight of the film suddenly appeared before me. The Fag Break. Daughter said she wanted to go to the loo. Well, how could I miss an opportunity like that? Grabbed my bag and followed her out. And just kept going. I knew I was going to lose the plot. But then I'd lost it about two hours ago!

Puff back here and fell asleep before I even entered the password.

And this morning, I get logged out by the computer itself, telling me its putting in updates or some such shit. Bloody machines - telling me what to do. Bastards!

School breaks up tomorrow. Oh Lordy!!


Anonymous said...

You do put yourself out for us readers. You're practically a martyr. And I bet you were wearing your best shoes when you wrote your post too. Poor thing.
So you are not a Harry Potter fan then? It launches here tonight. I'll go and see it. Problem is, with each one I see I forget what happened in the previosu ones so I always seem to be trying to catch up.

Jennysmith said...

Hi Dave sweetie

Thanks for your comments. Looking at you in new light since your ghost sightings. You are so brave!

I don't dislike Harry Potter as such but like you, I've forgotten whats happened since the last one. Luckily Daughter's got a memory like an elephant. Shame you can't borrow her for the night. She'll keep you filled in.

I think Stephen Fry reading it on the radio and CDs are the best way to enjoy those books.

Enjoy yourself xxxx

@eloh said...

I had a similar experience and lost all my answers to the comments section. Damn Vista, it told me it was going to shut down and I pushed the "not now buttmunch" button and it did anyway.

Answering my comments, I just gave up , felt like I had put them all in a mass grave of sorts. Friggin Vista.

Milla said...

yes, your bravery astounds. The children are looking forward to HP in a way that makes me doubt they can poss be mine. LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG and boring and, sorry, DR cannot act. Bless his little nineteen million pound bank account. He was rather sweet on Jonathan Ross once though, and I doubt he really cares what I think.

Suburbia said...

What ya doin' in the hols then?!

Jennysmith said...

Hi Milla, yes I do agree with you about Harry/Daniel. However I really wanted to see him in Equus as I wanted to see him "down there" - how deep is that? (And I would like to have seen Richard Griffiths - not down there tho').

I actually thought something like The Worse Witch was a better read. Less complex and that.

Hi @eloh, yes, do sympathise, bloody machines! who the hell are they? eh?

Sub, sweetie, do this word puzzle - all and sod - and the answer will be what we're doing this summer.

Tho' actually thats not true. We're going to Warsaw in a couple of weeks (cheap fags!) and the kids are going to WAles. Otherwise it really is the former.
How about yourself? xxxx

Around My Kitchen Table said...

Got to your blog in a roundabout, surfy kind of a way - and I love it! I don't smoke, though, so am I still allowed to visit?

Jennysmith said...

Hello and welcome, Around My Kitchen Table, how lovely to see a new face/blog. Your blog is super by the way, had a look between fags.

I suspect a lot of my mates on here, despite their wonderful support, don't actually smoke. I tell you what tho', scrounge an e-fag off Chairman Bill.

Hope to see you again soon xxx

The Dotterel said...

Still think you waited by the wrong bench...

Anonymous said...