Friday, 10 July 2009

My Giddy Aunt!

In the words of the great Supertramp - what a day, a year, a life its been.

Monday, our car is fracked and we get screwed for £300 from the garage. Wednesday, the tap won't turn off and the (quite nice ) plummer charges £230 for his trouble. And yesterday, we find out we have lost our potential and dream house for good! (3 toilets!).

What is it with this ill-fortune? I try to be good and God-fearing and that. Why is the world punishing me like this?

Ironically our third buyer (!) has a survey booked for Monday. Well, he needn't rush now, need he??

Hoovering the bloody carpet then I'm off out to get a double strength cappucinno and a pack of triple strength fags! Anyone wanna join me? I'll be at the park bench in about an hour!

Anyone see that Pyschoville last night?


@eloh said...

I'll comment then lite one up.

Another dream house is just ariund the corner.

Chairman Bill said...

Dream houses are best left in your dreams. It's a bit like husbands and wives - they never turn out like you think they will - you just can't buck evolution.

Jennysmith said...

come on, you two, I've been sitting on this park bench waiting for you! I've smoked half my fags and now on my 5th coffee. Really, do get a move on!

Yes, Bill, objectively I agree with you but not subjectively !!


Suburbia said...

My drink of choice on the park bench is cider?!

See you there :)

Dave Pie-n-Mash said...

I've got a couple of cheese sandwiches left over from Monday and half a bottle of Dubonnet. I'll bring them along.

But at least you have a buyer and that's half the battle.

By the way, Word Verification = MOVEN (movin' perhaps? Is it an omen?)

French Fancy said...

3 toilets sounds wonderful for a full household - bugger things going wrong. They'll all come right in the end - a better place is there for you

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

You think this is bad? You should have had the month that I had! Shite sort of describes it! I am going to write a post on it. Hope the rest of the month improves for you.

Polly said...

Well thats 3 things Jen so things can only get better - and that includes an even more perfect house.

troutay said...

Well, just figure it this way...
At least you wont have to clean three dirty bathrooms.

I would join you, but half a world away of travel would just put me to sleep and then what good would I be?

The Dotterel said...

Which bench? Which park? Have the fags all gone yet?

Milla said...

saw psychoville, love it.
crap about the house, really crap and if I were a hocus pocus person I'd soothe and say stuff about maybe something better's on the horizon. Actually, maybe it is?? Hope so. Is chilled sauvignon blanc available on your bench??