Friday, 31 July 2009

This Time tomorrow....

Got a coffee in the park (my normal bench was bloody taken!). A kiosk-seaside-type-stand thing. Does brilliant cappuchinnos. Woman before me creating havoc because the man did not do Baby chinos. You know those little cups of coffee you get for kids in big coffee chains.

"You're opposite a playground," she shrieks, "You should do them!"

Give 'em a can of Fanta, love, I think sleepily. Or sod off to Starbucks. The man does ice cream doesn't he? What more do you want?

Bloody Richmond types! Glad I'm sodding off to Warsaw. I hope Polish mothers don't carry on like that! Mind you, it won't matter, I won't be able to understand a word they say!

4.30 this morning we have to get up for our flight but I don't care. It'll be nice to get away.

Two problems it seems with renting: smoking and pets. Well, the first one I can deal with. Will have to pretend I don't smoke. I have never wanted to stoop to that. I wanted to be like Oliver James, who says he's not proud of smoking but not ashamed of it either. Didn't want to compromise that one. Looks like I've got to - and certainly smoke outside.

The other is pets of course. I can't pretend we haven't got Rose the Cat. And as much as I moan about her, we semi-worship the little cow. And of course all the catteries will be fully booked up. Thought we could shove her there for a couple of weeks, then kind of sneak her in.

Will ask my Mum if she'll have her when I get back. But I bet the answer will be bloody No.

Now tell me who wants Vodka brought back and who wants fags.


The Dotterel said...

Vodka vodka vodka! (pleeeaaasse...)

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I used to own a coffee shop. I am hugely familiar with the sort of parent you describe. Hope you find a home for kitty.

Mean Mom said...

Hope you find yourselves somewhere to rent and get the cat sorted out.

I didn't know you were sodding off to Warsaw. Hope you have a great time!

Well, I don't smoke and vodka makes me cry, so could I have some nice perfume, please? I'll pay, of course!

I've never heard of a Baby Chino. Kids drinking coffee? Can't be real coffee, surely. Is the world going mad?

Rebel Mother said...

Oooh, I'll have the voddie and the cigs please!

Warsaw sounds interesting...never been there.

Baby chinos? Thought they were tiny trousers!

Have great hol RMxx

Chairman Bill said...

Told you before - get an e-cigarette. No tar, no carcinogens and no smell.c

Elaine said...

Both for me please.

Have a great time :)

French Fancy said...

I keep feeling as if I am missing every other post or something. Firstly when I read your previous post I had not realised you had finally found a buyer. Secondly when reading this post I had not realised you were going to Warsaw.

Do keep us in your loop, Jen. Does this mean you are moving there for the rental period or are you indeed planning on becoming an expat like me?

Why don't you come to Brittany?

Marie and John said...

I've never heard of such a thing as coffee for children. Bet these parents blame the E numbers and sugar in their food for the little darlings being over active and awake.

Have a brilliant time in Warsaw and can I have some duty free chocolate please.


Rebel Mother said...

Me again! I've tagged you over at mine.


French Fancy said...

Come on then Jennifer - spill the beans - are you going to join the expat brigade comme moi?

Suburbia said...

Vodka for me please! Should I SHOUT? Have you already gone?.........

(Hope you have a good time)