Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Teacher Man wants to complete mid-August! Wah! We will be homeless! But I don't want to piss the buyer off - and this has been going on since January. I feel wicked about our once-treasured home but I really want to get the hell out of here!

Husband came over all pompous and said its about our convenience , not his. Arsehole! We have lost two buyers - I do not want to lose another one. He agrees to bloody August or else! Stupid sod. Rent city for us.

Went back to the agents of the house we lost. Their move is going badly! Well, what a bloody shame that is! He said he will tell them about our impending move but we've heard bugger-all back. And I tell you one thing - they are not having any more money. (We got a bit more with this offer). The greedy bastards went to another buyer because of a higher offer but it sounds like they've had that one! Thats the thing now. Its all very well making higher offers but convincing the mortgage lenders to give you a higher loan is quite another matter.

Viewing a house tonight. Got to take our shoes off apparently. Gone off that one already.

Cat bit my foot


French Fancy said...

Oh good - I didn't know you had found a buyer and you are absolutely right - don't risk losing this one. Rent city it is and it will probably be a lot of fun.


Chairman Bill said...

Lose the blue backgroud. Can hardly read your post. You have to think of you rolder readers.

Marie and John said...

Hello Jenny,

I'm back in the land of blogging. Email on it's way to you tomorrow.

Although renting may not be ideal look on the positive side - you'll be soon moving house - hooray!!!

Don't be too harsh on the people who are making you take your shoes off when you view their house. If they are leaving the carpets you'll know they'll be clean - or even better - band new.

Can't tell I've watched too many house moving programmes...



Jennysmith said...

Hello, my dear friends,

Happy now, Bill? Changed the colour especially for you. (Huh! a REAL man would have read it!)

FF, my sweet, thank you for your comments and good wishes.

You too, Marie, how lovely to see you back here again. And thanks for your support too.


Mean Mom said...

Oh, I see. You've changed the blue background. I wondered what Chairman Bill was on about. ;0)

Yes, rent! Having your house on the market and having people let you down at the last minute is much too stressful. If your house is sold, at least you only have one problem, instead of 2. Get that contract signed, so that Teacher Man can't change his mind! Hope it all goes OK.

@eloh said...

The cat bit your foot....your cat? Damn pussy's.

I'd rent so fast it would make your husbands head spin. Tell him he better watch his step...all pussy's bite.

Polly said...

Hello lovely. So glad that you have found yourself a buyer. Here's hoping you are cracking that champagne sooner rather than later. How did the shoe removing go?

Suburbia said...

Great that things are moving along tho'. I might come and rent next door, it could be the same here before Xmas!