Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Big Day...

A week tomorrow I will be 50. A little more than that I will be having a big party at one of the town hall rooms. I have been arranging this thing for so long I can't believe its really here.
Mind you, the £275 wine bill gave me a sharp reminder. And so did the £250 deposit against damages. And the fee for the room itself, a mere £ 384. And then there is the food, cheese and wine - oh, and the soft drinks and stuff for the kids. (They're getting a cheese football each!)

Three things I have learned in life. Never live your life through your children, never ever kiss a baby with gastro interitous and never, and i mean never book something you can't really afford.

Thank God for the Supermarket. I know its a sweatshop but thank god it gave me a home. And thank god its not Woolworths. Thank God for my pathetic paypacket every month. And for the childminding i do once a week. And the Child allowance.. Oh Lordy ! i'll be glad when its all over!

And in bed I toss and turn. Suppose no-one turns up! Suppose one of the kids breaks something!
Suppose I get bored! I have that room from 12 till 4, I'm bound to get a bit bored. And I can't keep going out for a fag! ( I ought to get a discount for that inconvenience). And when am i supposed to buy that cheese? I know nothing about bloody cheese, why did i put cheese and wine on the invitations? I only know Tesco value cheddar!

Tomorrow going to see Annie Lebowitz's exhibition God Knows where with Husband. It won't remotely take my mind off things but never mind. Would rather be going round a supermarket looking at cheese.


The Dotterel said...

Right - a nice big chunk of farmhouse cheddar, some brie, a Stilton and one other (personally I'd go for Lincolnshire Poacher, but it doesn't matter). That should do it!

Suburbia said...

Throw me a cheese football when the time comes!!

That's the trouble with birthday parties, you're supposed to be having fun but spend too much time worrying about the whole thing! However, you'll have a brilliant time in the end, if they're good friends (or drunk, or idealy both!)they won't mind what cheese it is

Jennysmith said...

am writing this all down furiously, D. Yes, its a better bet to go with English cheeses. What do you think of Lymsewold?

Oh S, i LOVE cheese footballs. I could eat them all day. No, i remember my engagement bash - i didn't eat or drink a bloody thing! was so busy looking after guests. Determined to have a better time this time. xxx

the mother of this lot said...

Soory I'm late. Hope you had a lovely day and a fantastic party!

bigbucketgirl said...

Did i miss it? weel if i did, or if i'm early..HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and i hope that you had/have the best time. Incase it's this week i'm off to buy cheese footballs for tea on thursday!

Suburbia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow :)

French Fancy said...

Does that mean you will be 50 tomorrow (Thursday?) You are 9 months younger than me then, young 'un. Have a great day, jenny smith/smoking mum.

You're added to my blog roll now - you'll never escape from my clutches.

French Fancy said...

p.s. - just think, when your kids are old enough and have left home you'll be able to sell your 'hovel' (I bet it's not though) and move to Brittany.

Jennysmith said...

Hi FF, yes, 50 today.

Thank you so much everybody for your kind birthday wishes - and advice on cheese.

And thanks for referring to me as a young 'un. That alone made my day.

Will be back with something to moan about tomorrow - longest i've ever left a blog entry (so far).