Sunday, 9 November 2008

Good News - I think....

The Pancreas. Ignorant cow, i didn't even know where that was. The vet had to tell me. But he's waiting a further blood test from the lab before he can be sure. But he reckons that her pancreas is causing her pain.

I know this is awful but i hope it was the pain that turned her against us like this. Not a psychological thing. Not something like a dementia that my Dad got. I know that sounds stupid but i was convinced something terrible was going on in her head. At least if she is treated medically, she could love us again. We still love her.

Vet gave her a huge antibiotic injection and she slept non-stop that afternoon. When she finally woke, she was a bit like her old self again. Hassling me when i tried to have a lie-in today, purring for England, she was a bit like my old Furry Purry again. So fingers crossed. The Vet was very unhappy about her behaviour but lets hope its a medical thing that can be taken care of.

Meanwhile, had to work at the rugby match this saturday. On the tills! 9 am till 7 pm. God, was i miserable! And then today, trotting off to Highgate to Lauderdale house to see my friend sing. He was supporting someone in a concert and he has a beautiful voice but all i wanted to do was go home and be with Rosie. Also, North London seems another world now. When I lived in Enfield, i was always going up Hampstead and that Jacksons Lane centre to see productions and that. Its funny how you change. Its funny how you feel like a foreigner when you live in the West of London.

Talking of that, Westfield has opened up its doors and Shepherds Bush so tantilisingly close. I mean i know Woman's Hour has a point - its a new centre with the same old shops but I have never been to a proper shopping place before. Not Brent Cross nor Lakeside nor Bluewater. I've always had Hounslow and Kingston to keep me warm but now i'm curious. i've always wanted to go that Metro centre , the one Viz magazine talk about. But it sounds like this one is even bigger. God, i hope its not like Fountaingate, like the one in Kath and Kim.


Suburbia said...

So glad there has been an improvement. I do hope the vet is right and that he can get rid of the pain , it must have been awful for her (and you too)

Suzysoo said...

Im so glad your puss cat's a bit better. Hope she's on the mend now and you get your old friend back for good xx

French Fancy said...

How funny, I blogged about Lauderdale House recently and a homesickness thing about North London. When it is nowhere near you, you sure do miss it sometimes