Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Beating the Zombies

To overcome my stupid irrational fear of zombies, what was the best thing i could do? yes, thats right. Have a birthday party with a load of 10 year old boys. An hour with them would make me gladly welcome any passing Undead. Although it would have to be a pretty foolhardy zombie to enter a room full of wild boys.

Son was 10 in October. So this Sunday we had a swimming party at the local pool. This seemed the best idea, an hour in the pool would exhaust any boy so I planned out the sitdown meal up in the party room with confidence. You didn't think i was going to get in the water, did you???

Exhausted, my right eye! They were up for more action the minute they'd changed. And trying to get the little buggers to sit down to cheese footballs and limp sandwiches, i tell you! It was 5C all over again but without Bernard Hedges and Potter. Although even Doris Ewell would be hard put to keep this little lot in order! The naughtiest boy suggested a food fight immediately. Husband put a complete stop to that one! Although, confidentially, if He hadn't been there, i would have let it go ahead. It would keep them occupied . And I would clean it up afterwards of course.

The way these kids speak to you! Honestly! Some kid yelled at me, I want more sausage rolls now! Pardon??? I blared at the little sod. Er - please, he mumbled. And another kid spoke to me like dirt and i shouted right at the little git. The annoying thing is they know how to behave really. I know there are some kids who have been dragged up and really don't know how to speak to people. But not these over-privilleged little bastards. But i mean really, would you have spoken to an adult like that? I mean i don't want my own childhood back, where i had to be seen but not heard, but kids are encouraged far too much to mouth off these days.

This is a disaster! Son pipes up as they fall on each other all around the room. But personally i didn't think it was. They seemed to be having the time of their lives!

And now for a really sad moment. Rose my cat. She's a beautiful creature and has given us joy for the last two and a half years. But lately she's been growling at us and she scratched me so badly today. And she's been hissing a lot too. We're almost frightened of her and we can't be under siege in our own home. Will take her to the vet on friday morning and see what she says. We don't want to lose her, she's a part of us. But we can't go on like this.

I know its wicked. But i would rather she was put down. I can't bear the thought of dumping her in some RSPCA centre and walking away from her. She would never get another home. RSPCA would be obliged to tell people why she's there.

Mustn't think about it anymore. Will wait to see what the vet says.


Suburbia said...

I dread Small Sprogs parties!! Boys need to let off so much steam and there is never a place big enough!! Actually I never really enjoy either of my kids parties and find the whole thing very stressfull. I have Tall Girls party this weekend.

Your poor cat. I hope the vet can do something for her she must be in pain or something. It is so sad when animals get ill (but at least they don't need to have parties!)

Elaine said...

I hope she's ok. x

Just a thought....could it be the fireworks? My cat has been nuts for over a week now and is even hiding in the bath. They hear those damn fireworks going off miles away.
I'll cross my fingers for you.

Marie and John said...

Rather you then me with children's parties. Can't stand badly behaved children, no matter how they've been brought up.

Fingers (and toes) crossed that Rose will be ok. Keep us posted.


Suzysoo said...

I often say to my kids 'If I had spoken to my parents the way you speak to me I would have got a slap!' They know it's out of order and I don't allow it, but they still try it on!!

Your poor pusscat. Hoping against hope that it is something simple like an allergy or toothache or something. If they do some tests they will find out, perhaps she just needs some medicine for something and she will be ok. I do hope so.

The Dotterel said...

You could always use the cat as the ultimate sanction against badly behaved boys! Seriously though, I hope it's good news from the vets.

One set of Stevers said...

The parties for my girls still consist of swings and chasing a ball around! We are lucky to get her to open her packages before she gets distracted by some rock on the ground! But, she does say please almost every time, as well as thank you, and she's not even 2 years yet! Let's hope she keeps it up!

Not that it hasn't already been said 5 times, but I do hope that your cat is okay. I had one I loved once, a long time ago.

(Checked your blog after reading your comment on my little one's pic.)