Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Not a good start to the day. Woke up with a deep suspicion. Went up to the bathroom and washed my hair. And combed it afterwards. And yes, my suspicions were confirmed. I had bloody nits!!! I could feel the buggers jumping on and biting my neck last night.

Those things never normally come near me. They bite my poor daughter to death but they usually leave me alone. Apparently there's a terrible infestation this year. They must be pretty bloody desperate to live on MY head. I've had my hair full of chemicals and peroxide virtually since i was born. They have gone straight to number one on my bastard list, i tell you.

I stink of Neem shampoo and tea tree oil, people were giving me funny looks at the supermarket. £18 I spent up at the chemists on oils and shit. I tell you, if you want to start your own business in this dodgy economic climate, set up your own nit busting company, you'll rake it in!! No credit crunch will stand in the way of driving out nits!

My neck is itchy from where the sods have been biting it. Hate them so much. Feel so dirty and infested. Bloody fed up!


Suburbia said...

I was itching and scratching my head all the way through reading this!! That chemical stuff is such a rip off. ...........Still scratching!
Took me / us ages to get rid of the little (well quite big acctually) buggars. Good luck :)

(the word verification is menis!!)

The Dotterel said...

Plenty of conditioner, barely rinsed off after washing makes the little critters slip off, so I'm told. Personally, I shaved my head! (Only joking...)

Jennysmith said...

Yes, Suburbia, as you know, thats where the money is! Yes, sorry about that. I always itch when i hear of nits and bugs and that....

Dont' joke, D, very tempted to shave my head right now!

Actually, didn't find any of my mates this morning. And yes, I think this Tea Tree conditioner helped. Made my hair greasy as hell but as least the squatters evacuated.

I don't think i could live in a stink of tea tree oil and neem either!! Good riddance.

French Fancy said...

Oh, what a shame - got a flashback to my childhood whilst reading your post. I sincerely hope the treatment has moved on from when I was young - I seem to remember crying

(Incidentally, when you leave messages on my blog I can't click on your name and get sent here - which is a shame because you're losing 'trade').