Friday, 21 November 2008

A night at the Theatre

A night out at the theatre was needed. To take my mind off the nits and other things. So me and Husband, on our rare nights out together, AND time alone, we set off for the Richmond Theatre to see Alan Bennett's play ENJOY. Alan Bennett is fast becoming a national treasure and i've loved his work generally but he can still hit and miss with me.

It was a little known play that appeared in the West End in 1980 for a short run. And it was good. A bit nastier than you anticipate. But maybe thats a sign of a truly clever writer.

But the real subtext of violence and nastiness happened at the interval. There was a coachload of old people there - and i mean really old. Walking sticks and everything. Gosh, one old boy with a stick pushed people right out of the way. And so did some old girl. She was more violent than my late Gran after a few whiskies, and thats' saying something. I mean I do appreciate these old theatres are incredibly impractical especially when there's a full house like last night. And now with the smoking ban, it really is a cut-throat thing to make it outside. But really. I felt i was in the middle of a rugby scrum - and without a mouth guard!

Bloody blue-rinse brigade! I hope i don't get like that. Or perhaps i'm like that already. One thing is for sure , have been desperately trying to get Alan Bennett on the phone. I virtually have his next play written for him!

Bruised and battered this morning. That whole coachload have gone right on my bastard list. Under the Nits of course.


Suburbia said...

How long is your Barstard list now Jenny??!!! I think I should take a leaf out of your book and create one for myself ;)

Loved your witty post, did you swish your hair around as you were elbowing throught the wrinklies? I bet it's quite a rare thing to get nits at that age!

Jennysmith said...

Oh God Suburbia, why didn't i think of that??? Been wearing my hair up for the past 3 days as a precaution. But i should have thought Sod That and let the old coots have it!

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Ha ha. I have noticed that the old blue rinse brigade can be the rudest and most vicious so and so's. Get them in a car and fight for a parking spot with them, then you will see violence..