Wednesday, 12 November 2008

On a lighter note....

While we are waiting for a specialist's results, we are making the best fuss of Rose that we can. Not that we didn't before!

But a light through the dark cloud has broken through. Son was the only year 5 picked to play for the school football team . The rest are year 6's. They played a match yesterday and although they got slaughtered - 5-1 - Son scored their only goal. What a football boy!

Why would he remotely care that he's in the second maths group now? And he acknowledges that there are better footballers than him. So i don't even have to go through that! We have all learnt this painful lesson that there is always someone better than us. I'm just glad he 's learnt it young.

but what i don't get is, is he genuinely good? or is it just sheer lack of competition? all footballers look like Pele or George best to me. they kick a football don't they?

Life's so strange, how it deals out sadness and joy.


Suburbia said...

Love your thoughtful side:)

Congratulations to son.

I totally agree with you, all footballers look the same to me too.

The Dotterel said...

If he looks remotely like Pele or George Best, he's a Wayne Rooney in the making!!

Marie and John said...

When he does become a famous (and very rich) footballer, kindly keep reminding him of all the things you did to get him where he is today.

Should be worth a bob or two...


Suzysoo said...

Bloody good for him, scoring the goal. Bet you were so proud!

I think he's genuinely good, so there xx

French Fancy said...

Just wondering how Rosie is?

Jennysmith said...

thank you, FF, and everybody else for your kind concern about Rose.
Would you believe that after a week of going to hell and back , a specialist can't find enough white cells in her blood for luekemia or other serious illnesses.

they now think it was just an infection and stress (!) She's a very nervy cat, i suppose it could be the case.

anyway the good news is that Rosie will still be a part of us. She's not nasty anymore and she's back to her purring state and pestering me for food!

i hope you are well, FF. I enjoyed your blog.

love J xx

blogthatmama said...

Came by via can't remember! After 5 years of being on the touchline every week I can tell you he must be good or he wouldn't be picked, he'll be the best in his class!