Sunday, 16 November 2008

What a load of old....

After a week of being squeezed to death by vets and dentists. And not being able to bear to stand by the phone awaiting the specialist's second opinion, i leg it off to Westfield.

Being a high street girl, i am far from virtuous about shopping. I'm as "Had to Have" and "but it was a bargain!" as the next one. But I have never been driven to actually make a day of it and visit somewhere like Bluewater or Lakeside. Where you're literally in it for the day. I like shopping centres you can walk away from. And Westfield being next to Shepherds Bush tube seemed ideal.

Well, what a load of old rubbish. The "village" - what village? - half the shops hadn't opened yet. And its all "poncy stuff" as a local was quoted as saying. I have to say its a long way from Oil Drum lane. I can't see Harold Steptoe and his horse coming down here. (The extent of my knowledge of Shepherds Bush).

I mean, I know none of that designer stuff comes near me anyway. A size 12 is obese to them. But why does it have to look so stark? And i couldnt' find anything. There was no map of all the stores or anything. I just had to keep walking.

And actually, I eventually found out, they had every shop except the one i wanted. John Lewis. Began to forgive them slightly when i went in the huge M&S and even tho' their stock was horrendously squashed up, they had a huge square deli bar. Now i'm the first to slag off American things but this was an exception. All my heroes have sat at a deli drinking their coffee and eating American things. Columbo, Gene Hackman, Roy Schneider, Irene Carr. So I struggled up on that high stool and ordered the cooked breakfast that they serve before 12 noon. I mean, my poor lazy bowel , but I don't care.

Running out after paying the bill to have a fag - incidentally, that particular paved area was the busiest of the whole shopping centre - I walk back dejectedly to the tube. This time i go to Shepherds Bush market station a bit further along so i can get to Hammersmith. But whats this? What do i find as I walk by?? Shepherds Bush Market. A mirage in a cold desert. The voices are calling me. the stalls look so bright. I have to go in there.

What a fantastic place! I bought a long skirt, two metres of material, sweets, clemintines, the lot! Everyone so lovely and friendly. So I spent all my money after all. But whats better? To piss it away in a cold shopping centre or a lively humming market that supports the locals?

Husbands coming with me next time. He wants Foyles and the deli bar in Westfield and I want the market again!

I went home happy after all.


The Dotterel said...

Give me the market every time. And you can smoke!

Mean Mom said...

Aren't these new shopping centres all the same? It's easy to forget which town you're in. They all look similar and tend to have the same selection of shops - unless you're after John Lewis, of course! ;0)

Markets are much more interesting and individual.

Jennysmith said...

Gosh, D, yes, its almost compulsory there. Bliss!

And yes, MM, you could be anywhere. there's no character at all.

French Fancy said...

I don't miss malls at all - give me a market any time. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to hoist themselves up on those bar stools.

Suburbia said...

Sounds a fab place, so glad you had a good trip after all.Do I dare ask the outcome of the tests?

Jennysmith said...

Hi Suburbia, No, of course you can ask. Rose is in the clear. There weren't enough white cells for a terminal thing. They suspect she's suffering from stress(?). What about OUR stress, eh???? Never heard anything so outrageous but pleased our Rosie will be with us for a long time after all.

Oh yes, FF, I don't do those high stalls elegantly at all. And yes, i love the "take me as you find me" feel of a market. xxxx

Suburbia said...

So glad it's not terminal. Can you get a cat version of St. Johns Wort?!