Saturday, 25 October 2008

Another one for the List...

Well, of all the .......! Daughter going away for half-term with Pal and her Dad, who moved to the country some time ago. He comes to collect her at about 11.30 this morning.

We get talking over a cup of tea and we mull over our girl's secondary schools. He is not happy with Pal's. And then it gets to that invetible subject of the Grammar School both our kids tried for and failed to get in. My wounds have healed over this - I think. And it happened nearly two years ago. But His wounds are obviously still sore, there is still sadness in his eyes. But he has been talking himself out of it as he said That the Grammar school get the creme of the creme of the bright ones. And that our two girls would have struggled there. I glared at him. Bloody cheek of the Man! He can slag off his own daughter - not mine!

Daughter's exam went very badly for her, its true. But that doesn't mean nosy interfering single dad's can stick their beak in and comment on their progress! Oh, he went straight on my Bastard list I can tell you! I wanted to tell him that Daughter got invited to join the Talented and Gifted in Maths but didn't want to hurt my Daughter's mate. Its not her fault she has a pushy and competitive Dad. I mean really! In my own house too!

Have given out all my invitations now for my birthday party. I phoned one of my old pals the other night for a chat and to see if he was coming. He said he would be sending me an answer as to whether he could come or not shortly. This obviously means No but I felt I would have respected him more if he'd had told me over the phone. Not be all pompous like that. He declined to meet for lunch one Sunday as he had no money and couldn't find a job. I mean i understand that but was a bit hurt. He could just come over or we could just meet up and walk round London or something.

He is wavering around the Bastard List but is not actually on it - yet.

Going to spend the evening sulking and making cushions.


the mother of this lot said...

Remind us long is that list?

(And I'm not impressed with Pal's dad, either).

The Dotterel said...

Nor am I!

Jennysmith said...

thank you for your kind support. Pratt wasn't he.

I'm afraid that Bastard list is getting as big as my Christmas one!


Marie and John said...

So what if they don't go to Grammar School. It doesn't mean they are the village idiots.

Who says people have to be academic to succeed in life. I feel sorry for the poor Pal as she's going to grow up feeling a failure. Next time he brings up the subject tell him to get over it ! ! !

Love your list. Might start one of my own.


A Confused Take That Fan said...

Don't, My oldest has just started school and the competitive parenting drives me insane. I already have an irrational feeling of inadequacy because my daughter hasn't been sent home with a reading book yet...and I have years of this to come!
One day you must write your full Bastard List. Sounds interesting. Your friend is officially rubbish for not telling you on the phone whether he was coming to your party or not. Maybe he was trying to be mysterious? More likely gutless...