Monday, 27 October 2008

Swinging London

Still fuming from the day before , so Husband, Son and i go off to London on a wet Sunday morning. We walk down to the South Bank from Waterloo and we part company outside the Hayward Gallery. They are going down to Gabriels Wharf, I am going to see Andy Warhol's exhibition.

I have to say I can understand Prince Charles' beef about these complex of buildings on the South Bank. Going up the windy concrete stairs to the gallery, i am reminded of the worst and grimest of council estates. The very uncared for ones. Now i am loyal to council estates because i was brought up on one. And i know some of them can be really nice with spacious gardens and houses but this concrete jungle can make you forget such a thing.

I used to have a crush on Andy Warhol when i was 12 and wanted to run off to New York and marry him,. Luckily we grow out of these things.....I think. I don't know why i felt that about him at that particular age. I wouldn't even be allowed in to see his films then... I think he was just an enigma.

The exhibition was a bit messy. Some works by him, some by others. And there was a TV documentary on his Factory that was playing which made me glad i didn't bring my son in with me. This was the one that had been banned from being shown on the BBC in 1971 (when i was 12 incidentally) and i have to say, i saw their point! Polaroids of naked blokes, girls painting with their tits. Good grief! Now i know why i was infactuated with him. And there is a part of me that still is. am so sad i'll never be able to meet him.

Told Pals' mum about her ex-husbands' appalling assumption yesterday. She was furious. She hates the Bastard anyway and she said it was because he was small Down There. I didn't really want to know that - i mean Bless her, but i'd rather she'd kept that to herself. Anyway she told me not to listen to the stupid git. Feel bad about stirring it but pleased he's going to get a flea in his ear on his return!

Wonder what Andy Warhol would have done.


The Dotterel said...

Indeed! (Whatever it was, you can guarantee it would be banned.)

A Confused Take That Fan said...

I love how you have stirred it up some! How impressive that you had a crush on Warhol at age 12. He was so cool. I just fancied Cory Haim from the Lost Boys. Now a hollywood nobody...

Jennysmith said...

He was, wasn't he. Really really cool.

Had to ask my husband who Cory Haim was. am i a square or what!