Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Well, really....

Phew! Finally managed to get on here. Was about to do a blog after lunch but Mate came round an hour earlier. The silly cow. When i say a quarter to two, i mean a quarter to two. Not one! She always does that - comes earlier - then blames me!

What a frustrating morning in the local high street. I'm the vice chair of the PTA and all i really have to do is get the licence to serve alcohol for the school events and that. I go to get the license laminated at KallKwick or whatever its called - they tell me to come back in half an hour while they get the laminated machine warmed up! For Gods sake, they're a professional printers, surely their machine would be turned on! I may as well get it done at school. I mean i try to avoid that as the school secretary flaps around - funny cow she is - but at least she wouldn't take half an hour about it!

And then when i go and collect it after pissing around in M&Co. trying to kill time, i come across the worse combination in front of me. A mum with a double buggy talking on a mobile phone! This must surely be the deadliest combination. That means she yacks loudly on the phone while her toddler can get up to all sorts 'cos mum's not concentrating! The little cow kept pushing the buggy against my legs. I shoved the bloody thing back. I tell you, about a year ago, i nearly ran a little boy over because the mum was talking on her phone and wasn't watching him. Slag!

These people are the limit. And cyclists. One knocked on my car window the other day telling me to move over while waiting at the lights. And then the bastard jumped the lights himself! Git.

Well, thats my little rant. Sad day tomorrow, it will be a year since Dad died. Will probably go shopping - he would have wanted it that way.


Elaine said...

This made me laugh!
Silly cow...bastard...slag, lol.
Glad you got it out of your system!

Suburbia said...

Jenny you never cease to make me laugh!!

Good luck with the PTA I'd NEVER do that again !!

So much for the Kwik place (not)

Glad you're green again :)
PS. Small Sprog had one GIANT nit at the weekend. Do you think they are genetically modifying them in a school science lab somewhere?!

Jennysmith said...

Thank you for listening to my little rant. But don't get me started about when i went into Costa and Starbucks tryin' to find gift vouchers.......!

Suburbia, i tell you , when Daughter had nits before, we combed some really big buggers out of her hair - they had horns on and everything. Your theory could be true !!!

Js xxx

Suzysoo said...

I just LOVE your blog. You really make me laugh. You talk my language!!!