Wednesday, 15 October 2008

What happened???

What an extraordinarily dreadful day its been today. Sometimes these things come upon us so unexpectedly.

Taking a jet-lagged burnt out Son to school today and he is in floods of tears. Apparently we hate him because he's not as clever as his Sister (where did that one come from?). He's been moved into the second maths group thats easy and boring and he's not popular, or at least the most popular.

Now I'm with it enough to know that a lot of this is tiredness talking. But I can't help feeling a crushing disappointment that he's in the second group. Especially as last term he was doing extra curricular maths with the top group. I wish that school would stop pissing him about. Either put him in one group or another. He says his friends in the top group show off what they're learning which is work he's not given. I assure him they're not all That really and they're big headed little sods who no-one will eventually like. This is about as good as a chocolate ashtray to him.

He is anxious to know if it looks as if he's been crying when we reach school. I assure him it doesn't, even though his eyes are redder than a post box. What else can I say? But I leave him there wanting to throw myself off Richmond Bridge.

Then I get so depressed I phone in sick to work. I can't let Son go to a childminder in the miserable state he's in. It didn't seem fair. But then I get guilty, i know they're short-staffed at the Supermarket. Anyway I meet him from school. Does he appreciate it? Does he Hell? I should have just let him get picked up!

Then later my Mum phones. She has to cancel me going on Friday for some reason or another. Then she asks if i'm free tomorrow. I agree readily. Then she realises that my brother's taking her to the shops. Asks me if i can come later. Well, of course, i can't come later! I have two kids coming home from school. Why can't my brother come later? I ask. The one who lives down the road from her and that she can see anytime. Oh No, she says she didn't want to have to put him off.

I haven't seen my Mum for nearly two weeks. I've been in America. And I can't go at the weekend. I've got two hundred Bensons for her and some present or another. But no, She can't put Brother off and she can't ask him to come later but she can ask me who lives the other side of the M25 if I can.

I put the phone down with a curt goodbye. This is not good. Its nearly a year since my Dad died. This is not the right time to do this. But i'm so pissed off with her.

To cap it all, both kids have got nits. So the house stinks of Tee Tree oil and Neem shampoo. Oh God, we've taken them to America with us and everything. I tell you I am going to bed and never getting up again!!


Suburbia said...

You poor thing. You must be tired too.
We have nits again! Argh!!

Jennysmith said...

Thank you for your sweet and supportive comments, Suburbia.

Yes, this is our third time of Nits too. Am using that over-priced Neem Riddance shampoo. £ 7.00 for a tiny bottle for all the family. exploitive or what? Do you know, tho', perversely I like the smell. And if I was a Nit, I would have legged it by now after getting a sniff of that!

Take care. Can't wait to read your next blog.

Js xxx

Elaine said...

Oh God. You just brought back memories of the nit nurse. They don't have those now, do they?

Mums can be so damn annoying (although of course we love them to bits). My brother gets preferencial treatment too, the git :)

Jennysmith said...

Hi Elaine

Thanks for your support. Its amazing how many women have said this about their brothers. My own included of course. What is it about them? My Gran was the same. Boys could do not wrong and she would do anything for them.

I love your blog. It looks beautiful
JS xxx

French Fancy said...

Oh, you sound so sad and tired. A post from the heart. I don't have kids but have two dogs and once a month give them Frontline as a flea prevention. What a shame there is no equivalent product for childrens' hair - a preventative as opposed to a cure.

(to any pedants reading this - I know fleas can still land on the dog but they don't have much of a life once they do)

Hope you catch up on some sleep soon.

the mother of this lot said...

Sorry you've had a rotten day. Mothers....who'd 'ave 'em?

(A guest post is when another blogger asks you to write a post on their blog. If my mother keeps her antics up, I shall be asking everybody to guest post on mine as I will have joined you in jumping off the bridge)

bigbucketgirl said...

don't jump! push the maths teacher off instead!