Thursday, 2 October 2008

Going to London....

Decided to have a day out of the house yesterday. Thought I'd go - for some ungodly reason - to Harrods. Haven't been there for a long time and it used to be a lovely place near Christmas. Anyway wanted to carry out my Mum's instructions to "treat myself".

What have they done to that place??? Its become so garish! I found this with Selfridges a few months ago, its really all in your face! Bright colours, loud music, its not only young people who visit these places!

Couldn't find a store guide for love nor money. Come back, Debenhams, all is forgiven! It was a bit like Thorpe Park, you have to get a leaflet and map from some desk or another. 7 floors! Couldn't remember it being that big. Went to the Ladieswear department. Ignored the designer stuff, even if i could bring myself to fork out thousands of pounds for some flimsey item, they don't go near my size (size 18). Generally anyway.

Went to the "Plus" department. Their decor was a little more subdued but still had the loud disco music. Saw a super jacket thing - £1400! No way! But then there was a nice two piece, Burnt Lime the colour was called, a mere £200 for the set. Which in Harrods seemed to be a bargain. But i wasn't crazy about it enough to spend all that money on it. I would gladly carry out my mums' wishes and buy something a bit posh but i've really got to like the thing to do it.

Ended up buying a butter dish from their china department. One i could have got in a shop near my mum's, never mind, its got the Harrods price label on it, will keep that on there as a souvenier. And some paper plates for my birthday party in december. But they've got a much better choice in nearby Kingston. Just seemed a shame to come away empty-handed.

Couldn't visit Harrods without going to the Food Hall. So bought this rye bread that weighed more than the butter dish and a seasame pretzil. Got ripped off at the Deli counter with this cheese but then i get ripped off at every deli i go to! But i love to look at their crystalised fruits and that. The things that make Harrods unique.

Talking of that, they don't sell their own fags anymore. They used to taste horrible but you could keep the lovely green packet with the building on the front. But they only do cigars now. Why are they acceptable and fags are not? its still smoking.

Came home exhausted. And had to go to work. 3 people had called in sick and one said their car had broken down and will be there when they can. I was going to use that excuse next friday! bloody hell!

Cooked tangy salmon last night with pine nuts and breadcrumbs. It was rubbish.


Marie and John said...

I used to love Harrods so it's a shame it's gone all trendy.

My favourite places used to be their music department and the toy department.

My dad used to love the Dundee cake from their food hall.

Have you been in Liberty recently? I used to love that store as it had a superb fabric selection. The last time I was there it wasn't so good.


Suzysoo said...


Like your blog-I found it via Suburbia.

I'll be back!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I live for the day when it becomes trendy NOT to be trendy! Never mind, we'll all be back to 'Captain Mainwaring' bank-managers and brown paper bags soon! Do I see pictures from old school readers on your Blog? Is that Dick and Dora, or do my eyes deceive me?

Jennysmith said...

Hi Marie

Thats funny you should say that about Libertys because i went in a year ago and got some buttons and was wowed by the lovely fabrics. Went again this summer and was a bit let down. So thats a coincidence. Lovely place tho' - but lifts a bit claustrophobic.

Yes, I bet their Dundee cake is lovely. Do you get to London much? You probably go more than I do!


Jennysmith said...

Hi Suzysoo, thank you for your sweet comment. Have visited your site and liked it too. In fact I did leave a comment but this computer just cut it out - I am really on the verge of dumping this thing, I tell you. New laptop is appearing on the horizon.

That meme looks exhaustive but amusing, will have a try later.

love xxx

Jennysmith said...

Hi Rinkly Rimes, thanks for visiting. Glad you like my "decorating". You were close, its Peter and Jane. I actually didn't have them as a child, I had Tip and Mitten (a dog and a cat)when i was learning to read. Do you know no-one remotely remembers them. Its either the ladybird children or Janet and John that they remember.

Love your blog, its beautiful. AND you have music with it. What fun! Is that hard to do?

I am bowled over at how stunning a lot of people's blogs are. I would have honestly thought some designer had done them!

please take care. hope we chat soon xxxx

Jennysmith said...

And yes, please do come back, Captain Mainwaring. My local bank manager where i grew up was just like him. Not some city whiz kid type they have there now.

Marie and John said...

John and me used to go to London every two months.

Sadly though it's not as exciting as it sounds as it was to attend an eleven o'clock meeting.

We had to fly down to Heathrow so were up at 4am then didn't return home until after midnight.

The worst part was the meeting didn't finish until 5pm so it was too late to hit the shops.


Suburbia said...

I haven't visited Harrods for years. The food hall was always my fav dept though.

We have a Harvy Nicks in Bristol now, I must go and have a look.

Like your new colours. Your blog looks very profesional :)

The Dotterel said...

No doubt you'll be back home now. Hope the trip was a good 'un. I used to love London (lived there for a year, teacher-training and would've stayed if I could have found a job. I must be the only teacher in history NOT to get a job a London!)

Jennysmith said...

Thanks for your comments. But they probably heard about your shenanigans in Hounslow!!!