Thursday, 23 October 2008

Just a quick one before I go to work. Got to help set up a new shop today at the rugby stadium. Hate the thought of it - why don't i just say no??? Still, 8 pound an hour is 8 pound an hour! It will help towards my 50th birthday party in 6 weeks. Moral of the tale: Never book something you can't really afford. Its a posh room in a council building and even with the 20% discount for being a resident, its a bloody fortune. A fortune I have to pay the balance of next week. Part of that is a £ 250 deposit for any damages but i won't get that back until at least March, knowing that council. And assuming there are no damages to claim.

Told them today i can only work till 3. Pretended I had childcare "issues". I couldn't do the normal 10 tll 6. I'll go mad! And the other week there was some right old cow there who kept bossing us all around. Snarled at her in the end but you do get these little Hitlers who think they're an executive or something. But they're only casual like me who have kids and don't normally work. I don't know why they have to be weird about these things.

Went to see my mum this week. Felt a bit sheepish after our row on the phone. But i had 200 Benson and Hedges with me to soothe the wounds. She's a cheap type like me, can be so easily bought. Personally i think they're the best sort to know.

She gave me money to get a gift credit card thing for my two grown up nephews at Costa Coffee. Now you'd think this would be easy to do. But no. One Costa in Kingston drew a complete blank, one told me to go on-line - i told him to go somewhere else! - Would M&S or WH Smith ever tell you to go on-line instead of taking the bloody money and giving over the gift card??? - and some other Costa kept telling me that I can top it up and gave me a form to fill in! I just came out and said it by that point "you don't know what i'm talking about, do you?" - and left quickly.

So I was reduced to Starbucks - which i hate. But say what you like about them, they took my mums' money and gave me two credit cards with 25 pound each on them. They did not piss about,. I also got a voucher for a free coffee next time i came in. But I don't like you, I wanted to say. But didn't. Will give it to Husband, he likes all that rubbish.

I go to a little cafe for my takeaway coffee. i won't go to those big chains unless i have to. And their coffee always tastes like they've poured boiled water over a jar of Nescafe. it blows my head off !

Well, time for a fag and then work - wah!


The Dotterel said...

Can't believe the way some so-called businesses make it so difficult for you to give them your money. They should take a leaf out of a urchin's book!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I love the way you get rid of your frustrations on-line! Maybe blogging is as good as a shrink!

Jennysmith said...

Believe me, Dotterl, I was practically begging them to take my mum's 50 quid! What credit crunch????

Yes, RR, you could have a point


A Confused Take That Fan said...

Apologies this is only my first visit. Just read a few of your postings. You make me laugh,(in a kind of nervous way as you're a little bit scary).
I know I'd annoy you by being a scatty mum.
I like how you bring your mum back 200 bensons.
Very unusual present, if you don't mind me saying, a 25quid gift voucher from Starbucks? Anyway, I shall be back. Because I love your rants.

bigbucketgirl said...

i never liked costa! the one that we went to a couple of times didn't have time to say hello but did have time to polish their faux leather seats so much that you slid off without warning!

starbucks aren't angels but...perhaps its cos we live in the sticks but i do enjoy a child free caffeine hit in there!

Marie and John said...

Forget how much your party is costing - it's your big day so you are entitled to celebrate.


Suburbia said...

Great idea for a gift for ''young people'' (!) I didn't know you could do that but I agree with you, I don't like supporting those big companies.

Jennysmith said...

Welcome, CTTF, and thanks for visiting. don't think i've ever scared anyone before so this is a great honour for me.

A Costa/starbucks credit card is something you buy a young guy (early thirties) when you can't think of anything else to get him!

Hope you come again. Why don't you blog on the Telegraph anymore?

Js xxx

Jennysmith said...
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Jennysmith said...

No, BBG, I think Costa are vile! So are Starbucks really but they came up trumps this time. And its alright to have a treat in there now and then. Despite my slagging off, I've had the odd one in there now and then.

Yes, Bear it in mind, Suburbia, I got Husband one a couple of years ago and he loved it! He could trot off down to Starbucks whenever he wanted and flash that card! They are a great favourite with teenagers too!

You're right, Marie and John, Blow it! You''re only 50 once!

JS xxx

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Hi JS - You don't scare me really, you're just kinda feisty! Which is a good thing. Because I am not. Except with my husband.
I stopped blogging on the Telegraph because of the politics really, I'd have some comments from people and think, ooh they're nice, then see them spouting extreme right wing stuff and being really horrible on some other comments. Do you still go there?

Jennysmith said...

Hi CCTTF, thanks for your nice comments and support. I hope things are going okay with your mother.

Yes, i still blog on there but they seem to squabble amongst themselves and call each other Trolls and that. I'm way out of my depth really but people give me sweet comments sometimes.

JS xxx