Sunday, 19 October 2008

Time Out

Finally able to get on here. What a weekend! As i've said before, my friends' dad is over from Mexico so on Saturday I go with him and my pal to Portobello Market. Or at least I try to meet them there. Completely lose Westbourne Grove where they are waiting for me. I swore it was in the other direction. A very nice man from the Salvation Army gave me proper directions. Gave him a quid. So we were both happy.

Portobello market is magical, it really is but I would really warn people about the crowds. It was only 11 am and I could not make the few yards up the road to meet them. It was like a solid wall of people. When I finally met Mate and Dad and we went to all the antique stalls, I was reminded of why I agreed to join them. He knew nearly every antique dealer there. He had a stall here himself 20 years ago and a lot of people still remembered him! He's a bit like that - very vibrant. And it was kind of magical watching him talk intimately with these people - or at least being part of the crowd. Being included. And to see him haggling over nice pieces that he would make into jewellery back home.

I myself bought two roasting pans, 3 Oyster card holders and a bangle. Only the roasting pans were for my benefit, the other things were for kids and Husband. In the old days - well, late '80s - I would buy armfuls of those vintage dresses. None of them go near me now. It was alright when I was a mere size 14, as an 18 I can't even put them over my head. What did big women do then?

Bought some Thai Noodles off a stall and buggered off back home. Husband sulky because he hadn't had any time to himself (diddums) and kids screechy and brittle - jet lag and sugar no doubt.

Today, had a goodbye lunch with Mate, her Mum and her Dad, he was off to Mexico in the morning. Made him a cushion. He wasn't very enamoured with it - the ungrateful git! Was stuffing that thing at 11 o'clock last night! And I used my best Kath Kidson fabric, the one with the cowboys on it. I don't think he likes it if anyone else is creative. Mates' Boyfriend (an artist too) is a bit like that.

Came back to making kids' tea, changing Son's bed (there was blood on the sheets), doing a wash, sweeping the floor and will shortly be washing Daughter's hair (those bloody nits!!). It seems you have one lunch out, you pay for it dearly in blood.

Going to my Mum's tomorrow. We made it up after the row. Or rather I apologised, even if She was in the wrong - which she was. But now ironically i'd rather stay here and clean the house.
Oh well, chicken kievs for supper!


Suburbia said...

That market sounds fab! But it's a mystery why we have to pay for some free time! I did it the other way around today, did all tomorrows and todays jobs so I can have a free day tomorrow. My jobs were a bit like yours, bed changing and nit combing amoungst others!! We can't be the only ones can we?!! Ther must be millions of mothers in the UK de nitting and juggling jobs!

Hey where's your green gone??!!

Elaine said...

I love markets.

How rude! I bet it was a fab cushion, too. son spent years with a practically shaved head. If I'd have had a daughter, she'd have hated me!

Jennysmith said...

sorry suburbia i'm like a kid with a new toy with this decorating blog business. now of course i can't find the original green! Or can't recognise it anyway.

Yes,get yourself up there sometime. You;ll love it.

I hope you had a nice free day today. xxx

Jennysmith said...

Thank you,Elaine. Yes, that cushion was much too nice for him. Wish i'd given it away in the street now!

Nits can really be a big part of your family life. nobody realises how much. Washing my son's hair is such bliss compared to washin my daughter's.

love xxx

French Fancy said...

As someone who lived in Blenheim Crescent about 20 years ago I must have passed your mate's dad's stall a fair few times.

Reading about this has made me a bit homesick but I tell myself that the crowds would have got on my nerves.

Hope the nits are going to disappear very soon.

Jennysmith said...

Oh you lucky thing. Used to dream of living there. Believe me, the crowds are much worse than they used to be. and noisy! and so expensive. Its only alright for a trip once in a while.

Nits still live in Daugher's hair - sob! JS xxx