Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Big Brother will get you

Oh Lordy! What was that thing I watched on Monday night? It scared me to death! There were people in the Big Brother house as usual and the country got infested by Zombies/vampires, Davina McCall became a victim, and it was a few survivors and the housemates that did not get "done". Was frightened witless! And to top it all, its on every night this week - God knows what channel, E4 I think.

Last night at work, i wouldn't go in the toilets in case a zombie was waiting for me. And i was too afraid to go to the loo in the middle of the night because of the same thing. Honestly, i'm looking at 50! I am not that little girl who hid behind the sofa when Dr Who was on! I suppose Darleks are quite similar tho'. They are imperishable. But at my age???

I remember going to see Shawn of the Dead because i thought it would be a comedy like "Spaced" or something. And that terrified me for months! It took me a long time to look through some french doors! Is it me? Or do we never grow up really?

Can't take a shower without thinking of Anthony Perkins! There's a small subway up the road that i can never go through without thinking of Clockwork Orange! And i always think twice before looking in my warderobe in case someone puts a polythene bag over me (Black Christmas 1974 version).

Why don't i ever learn!!! My first ever X film was Theatre of Blood with Vincent Price. And it took me a long time to sleep next to another bed in case there was a severed head on it like Arthur Lowe's!

Are these just signs of great films? that they stay with you always? or that I should know better by now!!!


Suzysoo said...

My first horror film was 'Zombies-Dawn of the Dead'when I was about 17. Ive never forgotten it. Scary shit. Don't like horror films.

And I STILL hide behind the sofa when Dr Who comes on!!

david mcmahon said...

Always make sure Big Brother ain't watching you!

Jennysmith said...

Hi Suzy, hope your ear is better.

Yes, your first horror film must leave the biggest impression. Also zombies cant be killed easily - mind you, that thing on channel 4 seem to manage it. But when have you ever seen a Zombie run, like they have on there! Artistic license perhaps.

Oh yes, Dr Who is as powerful and scary as ever. Have heard that David Tennant wants to quit tho' - sob!

Hi David, thanks for visiting. Looked at your blogs, they're great.

When i was a kid, people used to say Big Brother is Watching You. Used to scare me to death! Never remotely imagined they would do that quite literally now on channel 4. Wonder what George Orwell would say!

Tho' his book is scarier and disturbing than that show could ever be.


Millennium Housewife said...

Oh dear, my only suggestion is valium. A lot of. Daily. Love your profile! MH

Suburbia said...

I avoid all horror films so that I don't end up like you!!!! I know they would 'haunt' me forever, Real life can be ugly enough!