Monday, 12 January 2009

Another Kind of List

Well, the fun's over, the last balloon has burst, the last bottle has been necked etc. Now its time for action. The Bastard List will have to be shelved (will miss it so much!) and there is a new list to be made.

Well, when i say that, i mean the list carried over from last week actually. The remaining items that were supposed to be done by friday. And the item next to sugarsoaping the walls is Estate Agents. Three of them to get a valuation. Either we have outgrown this house or it has outgrown us. Don't know. Too tired to argue. Just get them round and see what its worth.

I know you hear about Estate Agents closing down and being stripped bare and that - but not where i live. They still charge extraordinary prices for not very much. Its still £700,000 for a terraced house with an attic conversion. They still basically take the piss. So whats to stop them laughing their heads off when they come round to this hovel. But then we've got to start somewhere. We can't keep bumping into each other in the squalid hallway.

And thats what i feel this house is: Squalid. And dark. And dingy. And i've got to clean like Billy-O. Especially that bathroom! Lordy! Having a panic attack just thinking about it. Better light up. Only thats another thing - 7 years of fag smoke has penetrated the walls. It didn't matter when we were so happy here, we didn't care how it stunk.

Son walked off to school this morning tearful and wretched. He didn't seem particularly hot or ill so i still sent him. I just think he had a bad night. He texted me twice on the way which i still find extraordinarly bizzare. I can't get with this modern stuff. I mean David Copperfield when he was sent to that horrible strict boarding school and his mother was in tears - did he text her? Or Billy Bunter ? Or Jennings? What did these school kids do without them? Son looked so vunerable in his Chelsea hat, i nearly crumbled.

And yes, get colour laser copies for my cards. Can do that today or that will be another shadow hangin over me. And hoover the living room, get that pesky cat off the sofa!


Elaine said...

It always amazes me how a house can be valued at x amount, and then that lady who calls herself the 'house doctor' can slap a tub of magnolia on the walls, rearrange the furniture and throw the dog in the garden, and it's suddenly worth ten grand more!

Good luck with it all. x

Mean Mom said...

I started off the morning full of resolve, but, so many people have published a post, that I've got carried away, commenting. Oh, dear, bit of a disaster.

Elaine has a point. If you're not thrilled with the estate agent's valuation, throw a pot or 2 of cream paint at the walls and you will miraculously add thousands to the value. Joe Public is, at heart, fairly easy to please, apparently.

Hope your son is feeling OK. I do text, when it suits me, but it's a bit alien to me, all this keeping in constant touch stuff.

The Dotterel said...

Yes, and once they've given you a valuation, try selling it yourself. There are sites on the interwebnet-thingy, and a sign in the window can work wonders (and save thousands)!

Suburbia said...

There's sad line in this post Jen - "it didn't matter when we were happy here". Sorry you're sad honey.

Just poped in to thank you for your comment at mine. My e mail is on my profile page, if you should ever want to talk :)

S x

Crystal Jigsaw said...

A house should be lived in! We've been doing our house up , renovated 2 rooms in 2008 and spent days cleaning tobacco stained walls!! The paint helps though, takes away the aroma.

I don't know where Estate Agents get house prices from half the time - the bottom of a hat I shouldn't wonder.

CJ xx

Marie and John said...

h Jenny If only I could give you a hug.

I've never moved house so I don't know what you must be going through, but it must be hard to leave somewhere which holds so many memories.

When John's dad died we had to renovate his house. Not to make a profit, just to sell it as it was an old person's style house if you know what I mean.

We painted the walls a neutral colour, installed a new kitchen and bathroom, put laminate flooring down - cheaper than carpet, I made new curtains etc.

It was sold privately as we received a note through the door from a couple who were looking for a house on the estate. They had found out through a friend that we were going to put it on the market.

It took us 6 months of work and about £2k to make it sellable. We don't know what an estate agent would have valued it for, but given the state the house was in, we think we might have made about £10k profit.

If you feel you haven't the time or don't want to 'do a house doctor' then don't. Most people have the intelligence to see past the paint work and furniture.

Could it be that your son is a little sad about moving house. Poor soul...

Don't put off seeing to your cards or you'll never do it ! ! !


French Fancy said...

Jen (Jen). You do sound down.

UK house prices make me laugh, actually they make me almost faint in surprise and despair - how can people ever afford to buy anything? We left six years ago and it all went crazy just after that. Prices are much more reasonable here. What a shame you couldnt just all move to Brittany, never mind the childrens' lives/schools/friends etc, not to mention your jobs. Okay, we won't mention them but I'd love to have you nearby.

Oh well, Jen. Let's end on a positive note here - get your cards sorted.

Jennysmith said...

Thank you for your lovely and valid comments.

Gosh, FF, it would lovely to be near each other. Yes, i've heard that, prices are better in France.

It seems everyone has the same opinion on estate agents.

Thank you for your lovely words, Suburbia. will take you up on that.

Son seems to have perked up now. Even tho' the little scamp only got 2 out of 10 for his spellings!!
grrr! xxx