Saturday, 3 January 2009

What are these things called??

Got so badly bitten on the arse last night. Then in the upper part of my leg. These bloody sheets! That bloody cat! Or are they bed bugs? Not cat fleas? don't know what to call them for my Bastard list, will just put Bugs. Got Husband to change the sheets this morning. My poor bloody leg!

Can't go to my Mum's today, she's having her hair done apparently. Tho' I noticed she still had time to see my Brother. (She let that one slip out!). Sod her, had a normal Saturday at home.
Not used to being here on Saturdays as I'm always the other side of the M25 seeing my ungrateful next of kin. So I wasn't sure what a normal Saturday was really.

I mean really, Mum's next door neighbour is permanently crestfallen because her daughter in Cheltenham never has a "window " for her. And her close friend is often in tears because her daughter in Dagenham never even phones. And then there's Her who has a daughter begging to see her. ...... what an unfair world it is.

Made a cushion and sorted out ironing while listening to Tom & Viv on the Radio 4 Listen again page. It was a really sad play about T S Elliot and this poor rich cow who married him. "The Wastelands' rubbish!" I was shouting out. I didn't know he was American. But at least the silly sod could write. I'd love to write a play.

Took daughter to a sleepover and Son has someone over to stay with him. The devastating news of the day is that this stupid looking bloke is the new Doctor Who. I wanted it to be that black guy - Alan Johnson in Peep Show - and he was in the Survivors too. So he's obviously used to adventures and that. But no, it has to be this pretty looking one. So unfair! Husband is devastated , so was the Dad who brought over the mate. Our World is very small really.

Watched Celebrity Big Brother - had only heard of 3 of them - but like Terry Christian and Mini Me. That Scottish politician was bloody good looking when he was younger - there was old footage of him protesting against the poll tax. What a nice bit of stuff!

And Big Mo was there from Brookside. She looks a nasty bit of work. Might tune in and watch or might read my Deborah Moggah book i got from the charity shop. I tell you its all turmoil and decisions with me - that T S Elliot didn't know he was born. Did he do Murder in the Catherdral as well? Because that was a load of old shit too. I'd put him on my Bastard List if it wasn't so full up!


Suburbia said...

You really SHOULD write a play, it would be hilarious!

Any way of expanding the size of that Bastard List? It is only the third day of 2009, you are bound to need the extra room!

The Dotterel said...

He did! You really should make room for him.

Elaine said...

I've never seen a single episode of Dr Who. Am I missing something good?

Families. Grrrrrr.
Bed bugs. An even bigger GRRRRR.
Bastard lists? I need one of those! How many pages does yours have?)

I'd LOVE to write a play, but don't have the faintest idea how to start. Or a sitcom, even. That'd be fun. Some of those one liners are crap!

Henry the Dog said...

Jenny - mum wanted that black guy too. She's got a thing for David Tennant and didn't want him to go, but she said the pain would have been less if that black guy had taken over. Wasn't he also in that 'Hyper Drive' space type thingy? Anyway. No idea who that TS man is, so can't comment. Think mum has heard of him, but that's about it. She's heard of lots of things. I don't think they're bedbugs. Think they might be cat fleas. Bloody cats - put them on your Bastard list too;)

French Fancy said...

Do you know that I didn't know Tom Eliot was an American. I think of him as quintessentially English (oh hark at me with these la-de-da phrases). Shame you got bitten - I react very badly to insect bites and will vacate a room at the first sound of a buzz. Isn't your cat on Frontine? the two bichons are on it, not because they have fleas but because I don't want to get insect bites. Not that I'm paranoid or anything.

Now off to find out who is the new Dr. I don't even watch it though - I stopped once Mr Ecclestone left. I thought he was brilliant.

Suburbia said...

Bugger, got nits again! Top of my (non existant) bastard list!

Jennysmith said...

Thank you, my dear friends, for your lovely comments.

Dotterel, do you mean make room for TS Elliot in intellectual way or in a Bastard way? I expect you have had to teach his stuff to people. I think one of my teachers fell asleep reading out the Wasteland. or was that me?

Elaine, a little while ago I would have said how much you were missing out on by not watching The Doctor but now i don't know.

I liked Eccleston too, FF, he really came up trumps.And will try that stuff you said. Will ask at the Vet shop down the road. Do not want to get bitten again.

Talking of which, Suburbia, my heart goes out to you. I thought i had them again the other day but couldn't find any. Still bloody itching tho'.

Yes, need to expand this Bastard List. Will have to crop it down a bit. Thought of taking off John Lewis, then decided not to. xxxx

meryl's musings said...

Thanks for passing through my blog. I see Henry the Dog enjoys your blog also -- he and KC have a thing going across the ocean (at least as far as KC is concerned).

May I used your idea of "bastard list" -- that is great!

Jennysmith said...

Hi MM, thank you for visiting and your lovely comments. Hope you're not ending up playing Gooseberry to Henry and KC.

That young Henry is very popular isn't he.

Please help yourself to the Bastard List. Its not mine anyway, i got it from Private Eye magazine. Please come again soon. xxxxxx

French Fancy said...

Because I'm queen of the typos I put 'Frontine' for the flea prevention stuff - but it's actually FrontLine


Ms Wiz said...

I wanted the same Dr Who as you - very disapointed with the boy they chose - so are all three daughters too - bad hair apparently!

Mean Mom said...

I was forced to do T S Eliot at school. Fortunately, I was able to avoid questions on his stuff during the exam, because most of it went over my head!

Could well be cat fleas attacking you. I used to get bitten. They're choosy, aren't they? We use FrontLine, but it has to be done every month and it's a bit expensive to treat our 3 cats. We do, though. Last bill at vets, on 2 Jan, for boosters plus 2 lots of flea treatment - £190.

Sorry about your mum situation.

Write the play for us, or a sit com! A good laugh would be guaranteed and some of us are in need of that!