Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Here goes.....

Have been tagged by my pal French Fancy to select the fourth folder and fourth picture in my thing - sorry to be so technical.

Anyway this one came up. Its a well-known image from Carry On Camping and Barbara Windsors' bra has just come off and gone into Kenneth Williams' face. How ever did he and Charles Hawtry get away with being hetrosexual characters?

Once i learnt to do this photo uploading thing, i went through a phase of going through Google and that and finding images of all my favourite films eg Clockwork Orange and of course this one. The only images I couldn't get were Straw Dogs and Georgie Girl.

This image means a lot to me because I was about 11 when this film came round to our local fleapit. My Mum took me and my friend of the time, Patricia (who became a right old snob later on) and we had an orange lolly just like Sid James did at the beginning of the film. I had seen Carry On's before at the cinema but this one was so rude, so special, so funny. Going to the "pictures" was a magical exciting time and I devoured every trailer, every advert (no boring mobile phone adverts then!).

And anyone of my generation has never seen a campsite in the same way again. I see a tent and expect Sid James or Bernard Breslaw to be standing there leering at birds.

I'm glad to see my children feel the same about the cinema. I mean what with this video and DVD stuff now, and the coldness of a multi-plex, i thought they'd be a bit blase about celluloid. But no, Son sits there holding his free magazine like a serious film critic and Daughter will concentrate all the way through.

Saw the play by Terry Johnson a few years ago at the National: Carry On Cleo, Camping, Dick and Emmanuel and it brought back poignant memories for me.

Oh yes, i nearly forgot, tag 4 people:



Elaine (liebraumilch & Lipstick)

Suzy (Soos Stuff)

Hope i;ve done this right. Thank you for giving me a chance for a bit of nostalgic wallow and drifting back to the dark cinema (long gone) of 1969.


The Dotterel said...

Well, all *asses will be shown then, Jenny! Bwuhahahaha!

French Fancy said...

I also used to love 'going to the flicks'. I used to go to the Muswell Hill Odeon and I think it has been left fairly untouched by all this multi-film cinema whotsit. Going to the pictures here is rubbish. In our bit of France they dub all our (the Uk and the USA) films into French. Did you know there is a thriving career here out of being a voice actor - you'll be the voice of, say, Brad Pitt or Cate Blanchett and it will only be your voice ever heard when these original actors open their mouths.

What sacrilege!

Jennysmith said...

Very good, Sid. Now get on with that tagging and show us one of yours xxxx

Elaine said...

Oooh! I've been tagged! I can't bare to look what the 4th in the 4th will be. (I'm hoping P for Porn will be a bit further on!)

I love, love, love Sid James. x

Jennysmith said...

Photos I mean, not *asses xxx

Jennysmith said...

Hi FF, you're obviously exempt from this tag.

Yes, Richmond has still kept its odeon in the middle of the town. Seems almost quaint now. Gosh Muswell Hill - i remember my mate housesitting some really posh place there. (the selfish one).

I remember goin to the cinema in Istanbul and relieved to see subtitles on english speaking films BUT they turned the English right down! It was a nghtmare. So i don't know what's worse really.

Elaine, sweetie, sorry i "lost" you for a week or so. Definitely updated your address now. hope you're enjoyin your new home. And yes, you have definitely been tagged.


Mean Mom said...

The Carry On films were a delight. When I was about 15 or 16 I used to go to the cinema up to 3 times a week. We would sometimes walk in halfway through the film and see the end before the beginning. There would be 2 films and you could stay until the cinema closed if you wanted.

Henry the Dog said...

Mum used to love the 'Carry On' films when she was young and remembers that one in particular. Her dad was a right prude (typical working class) and when it first came on TV he turned over when it came to that bit and wouldn't let them watch the rest. It's amazing that mum managed to grow up without issues.

Suburbia said...

Thanks Jen, hope to get around to it soon. So good to hear your reminisings.

S x

Jennysmith said...

Sorry to come onto this so late - system was down yesterday. Did i miss it!

Oh, yes, MM, i remember doing that with Carry On Cowboy. We walked into the middle of it, saw all of Carry On Spying (they always shoved an old one with it) and then watched Carry On Cowboy in its entirety. And like you say, you could stay as long as you liked.

and it was great when there were 2 complete films. It was just taken for granted then. you don't even get a short support thing now.

were you like me? and stay and see any film twice. I used to even watch the boring ones again - eg Murder on the orient Express.

Hi H the D. Yes, Fathers could make this sort of thing so much worse. My Dad used to get uptight about certain things on Tv like Play for Today. And yet he happily let my mum take me to carry on camping. And he let me watch Casanova in the early '70s. He was a bit of a contradiction. but i think the same as your mum - its a miracle it didn't damage my upbringing.

Hi Sub. Thanks for reading. Thinking of you xxxx

Dumdad said...

Hi, Thanks for popping over to my blog. And, on reciprocating, I discover you're also waxing lyrical about films.

I remember when Carry on Camping first came out and thinking it was ever so daring. I thought Babs Windsor was very sexy. I've got the Carry on Camping DVD (free with a newspaper).

I have great affection for these Carry On films despite, or perhaps because of, their terrible puns and jokes.

I see you like Clockwork Orange, another favourite of mine.

Bon week-end!

Suburbia said...

Hi Jen, I've really failed on this one!
All my photos seem to have both or one of my children on it! I've tried fifth pic in fifth file and third photo on third file, as well as the proper instructions, so I can't even cheat properly!!!

Jennysmith said...

my little sweet, it is only a tag. please don't worry. wasn't sure if you felt like it anyway with what you have on your plate (what good English). No, i wouldn't have done it if my kids had been on it xxx

DulwichDivorcee said...

I still love going to the movies. Went on Friday, dragging Child Two and TL to Bride Wars. TL pointed out he was only male in cinema. Am not expecting to see him again for some time .....