Saturday, 10 January 2009

Unaccustomed as I am......

Now i'm not one to boast or show off or seek publicity or anything but I have been given this lovely award on the left by Confused Take That Fan. Her blog is great, you should read it when you can, and I have been following her since i first came on here - whenever that was.

Now my Big Brother task is to award this lovely thing to eight other people and hope they don't have it already. This isn't as hard as you would think because i don't actually have that many friends (where's the violins?). It must be much harder if you have a huge following like some of you do. So without further ado, Liza Minelli will hand me that golden envelope and the winners are:

Marie and John . Their BOGOF blog inspired me to start one of my own.
When i first ever saw it on Blogspot, i was convinced they'd hired in professionals to design it.
I couldn't believe how beautifully set out it was. Now of course i'm more sophisticated and worldly but i still find it a lovely and stunning blog. And of course Marie helped me gather up courage to start one of my own.

(Big round of applause and cheers and hoots)

Suburbia for being a great and supportive friend and for listening to the Archers. And i love her and her blog to bits. Also this might give her a bit of strength at this difficult time.

(applause, hankies etc)

The Dotterel for just being great and dealing with my pestering and nosy questions on his blog.

(applause etc )

French Fancy for being lovely and entertaining and for becoming a close friend. And for taking an interest in my Caroline Charles trousers.

(applause , flowers etc)

Henry the Dog for being my new pal and keeping me in stitches. I love dogs now because of him. Every time I see any dog in a park or somewhere I start tittering as i imagine them talking like Henry.

(standing ovation etc etc)

Interval and fag break

Soo's Stuff for just being fantastic and understanding. I admire her strength and courage and of course her friendship.
(applause, tears, whoops!)

Mean Moody Middle Aged Mom, a brilliant and recent discovery and a lovely new pal. Became enthralled with her blogs and have never looked back.
(applause, sweat etc)

and finally

Leibfraumilch and Lipstick. I think Elaine has been just great and seems to have gone through a lot lately. Tho' despite that She has still given me such strong support and been a good pal.

(Dying applause as everyone rushes out for a fag, the loo etc. )

Now you are supposed to publish a paragraph about the award on your blog. Its on Confused Take That Fan's. But i can't seem to cut and paste somehow. Will get help on that. But if you're more savvy than me, then do cut and paste it and then award the prize to eight other bloggers. Think i've done that right anyway.

gosh, drained after all that. But seriously, how do you do awards? I mean can you make one up yourself? I've love to create one but knowing me it would have fags on it or something. Or someone with big breasts. Why have i become like Benny Hill? Will work on it.


Elaine said...

I love the thought of everyone rushing out for a fag when I give my thank you speech!


I would copy and paste, but I'm not sure which one I need to take. There are a few there on the left!.

Hugs to you, lovely lady. xxx

Mean Mom said...

Well, that was a bonus! I called in to have a nose and picked up an award. I love your blog, too and, as it happens, I have recently ensured that I will not miss any more of your posts. You tell it how it is and I'm all in favour of that!

This is a very sophisticated award. Thanks so much.

Jennysmith said...

Darling Elaine, i'm so sorry - they give you a hearty round of applause first - then the fag and bog break. it came out wrong!

Its the one on the top left with a scroll on it xxxx

Suburbia said...

Oh fags and big breasts!! Go ahead and design one, it should go down a treat! ;)

Congratulations by the way and ..

Thanks so, it's such a lovely award (as is the sentiment behind it )

S x

The Dotterel said...

Well, what can I say? I'd like to thank all my fans, all the people who voted for me (that's you, Jenny!) my wife, my kids, my neighbours, all the people in my street, God, that woman at the hopsital, him at the garage, ohh... too many to mention

(Can't go on... in floods of tears!)

Jennysmith said...

Luvvies, treasures! the pleasure's all mine. phew! exhausted from that flight back from Hollywood. Brad Pitt kept hassling me and Robert Redford wanted to direct me. Bloody pests! Called security in the end!

At least you didn't mention your grandmother like Jennifer North did, Dotterel, but that was the best impersonation of Gwenyth Paltrow i've ever witnessed.

someone tell me how to design an award. xxxx

Marie and John said...

From myself and John, a BIG THANK YOU.

It was really sweet of you.

I think an award though has to go to you for making me laugh every time I read your blog. Keep up the good work.

Hopefully now that the doctor has given me some strong painkillers, I can sit longer at the computer and can comment more on your blog, and also read the other award winners blogs.


Jennysmith said...

Oh poor sweetie. still, i'm all for painkillers. when i had toothache xmas eve, the chemist gave me some extra extra strong neurofen. and i tell you, they saved the xmas for me. always give in to pain relief.

thinking about you Marie xxxx

French Fancy said...

(rushes in very late)
Thank you so much for my award. I've added it to the sidebar and it looks ever so swish.

I've almost designed one but thought it looked a bit naff so scrapped it. You, however, are an artiste and will make a decent job of it.

Oh I do love an award

Henry the Dog said...

Jenny - 'tis Henry. I don't pass on. I'm kind of 'anti' it. So can I thank you for awarding it to me but not have it - if you know what I mean? I'm feeling all humble and shy and am so pleased you thought of me but I've refused awards before if I have to pass them on, so I can't start accepting otherwise folk might think I'm a bit flippant. If the rule is to pass on, I can't accept. Sorry. But thanks once again. xxxxxxx