Thursday, 8 January 2009


Well, Son has swanned off for school again on his own. Seems to be loving every minute of it - keeping me informed by his mobile of his exact movements. have to keep the phone in my dressing gown pocket so i don't miss his call. It does seem strange and grown-up that he phones me, it really does. Whatever did we do without those mobile things?

But it brings me to a revelation. I am redundant. Always envied those mothers saying goodbye to their children in a dressing gown in films where they get on the school bus and that. But i was naive then, i did not realise it would be the end of an era.

Had to absolutely force myself to get out of the house yesterday. Otherwise the inertia would take me over. Made myself make the beds and sweep the floor. Its strange it can be done at a lesuirely pace and not sandwiched between the Archers and school pick-up. Its strange to leave the house knowing that sort of thing is done and not leaving everything in a disarray. In a cloud of PE bags and shouting at him to get in the car.

I don't know how people can work from home, i really don't. I mean i'm all for it and everything, i think its a good thing but however do they get the discipline to do it? Without something set out and planned. This is a strange new chapter.

Whatever did my mum use to do when i walked to and from school at that extraordinarily early age? I must ask her. But a lot of the women up our road were full time mums then and i think she was always popping into their houses for a cup of tea. And they were always popping into hers. God knows what they found to talk about.

Have planned to send copies of my xmas cards to greeting companies. Have i done it yet? Was going to look into being a freelance writer. Have i ......well, you get the picture. If only i could be like my Cat, only has to worry about where her next Go Cats are coming from! See above photo of the lazy little sod. I wish i could join her.


Henry the Dog said...

Jenny - us animals have perfected the art of appearing rather dumb and unable to work for a living (other than some daft dogs like Labradors). We also look dead cute, so that you humans will continue to look after us. My mum says SEND THOSE GREETING CARDS OFF and expect rejections but don't let it put you off. Although you might be surprised. My mum worked from home when I was a very young pup, but she IS quite disciplined about stuff like that. She works from home nowadays - doing stuff for Uncle Hugh, but they aren't as busy as they used to be. Saying that, they haven't got as much plastic either, but who has these days with the Credit Munch?

The Dotterel said...

Sorry to hear about the redundancy, Jenny. Bad news! Let's hope the Greeting's Cards take off. You never know, in a few months you could be rushed off your feet with orders.

French Fancy said...

When I saw the title of the post I thought it was to do with your job and got a little anxious for you, Jen. It just means a new routine, that's all and it is always strange at first.

Mr FF works from home - we have an office in the basement - and he is extraordinarily self-disciplined. I couldn't do it - I'd be blogging all the time. it's bad enough trying to fit my OU studies around blogging.

waves at Henry and Tim

Braja said...

Hi Jenny...I saw your comment on Henry's blog...thanks for stopping by and reading, sorry the comments were an obstacle...I would have loved to see you pop up there but glad I found you anyway. Hope you found something you like that might bring you back...

I work from home and I love it. It gives you freedom to discipline yourself and you get used to it.

French Fancy said...

Is that a toy turkey in the cat basket (is her name Rosie? I'm getting muddled with all the bloggers pets)

Elaine said...

I would absolutely LOVE to work from home. That would be my dream. I don't drive and so have to deal with buses and stupid people and crowds and all sorts of stuff I'd rather not.

The greeting card business sounds ideal. Go for it...and good luck. x

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Good luck with the greetings cards! Came via FF. Are you in Twickenham? Lived in Kew and Richmond whilst I worked in the City. Didn't get those big bonuses though.....! I yearn to be made redundant but I'm sure I'll be bereft when it happens. :)

Suburbia said...

I hope cat is well now.

Well done for having plans! It is only just the begining of January afterall!

You should definiatly do the greeting cards thing, I'm sure you'll be sucessful.

It is strange when they don't need us anymore. A good and a bad thing all at the same time.

Enjoy your new found freedom, no looking back now, the only way is forwards :)

Sub x

Jennysmith said...

Thank you for your lovely sweet supportive comments. I am very lucky to have friends like you.

Braja, of course i will visit you again. Your page is great.

FF, not a turkey but an Ood - is that how you spell it? One of those Dr Who creatures. Daughter's pal bought it at the Dr Who exhibition. My favourite toy of course will always be the darlek. But i think husband's was the Billie Piper doll - can;t think why!

Yes, HT, i live in Twickenham but at the slaggy end - not the posh bit. one day eh?

Good luck with the OU studies, FF. I admire your discipline for that too.


Elizabeth said...

It's sort of bliss when the children eventually ship out.
My husband and I get on much better - he always thought I was taking the children's side against him.........why would he think that?
Yes, it is possible to work from home.
whether it's possible to make any money is quite another thing......


Working from home has lots of good points. You don't waste time commuting. Travelling less helps the environment. You can work the hours that suit you, shop when it's less busy, arrange medical appointments without hassle, exercise more. The list is endless.

But you are right you do still need to get out of the house or it can seem a very solitary existence.