Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Where's that List?

Well, my day has turned successfully to shit. Bit of a bad start with a trip to the Vet this morning . Got presented with a £346 bill !!
A continuation of all the tests and shots from the last time Vet explains sweetly - oh, and a shot from this visit too. Rose had a fever - again! Otherwise he was happy with her! Oddly tho', Husband was far from happy when i gave him the bill - can't think why. Rosie lay on the vets table and purred. Well, she wasn't paying was she!

Estate Agent round here at 4 o'clock on the dot! The cheeky bugger had done a valuation already! It was all printed down on their paper. I could have extended this place into a 5 bedroomed utopia for all he knew - the presuming git. Anyway, devastated, £275,000 tops he reckons. A similiar hovel to this one down the road went for £300,000 something 2 years ago AND it didn't have a driveway like us. Still, that was 2 years ago - could well have been 200 years ago with this economic climate.

But on a good note, there's a super house nearby for sale that i've had my eye on for ages that they're representing that could well take a lesser asking price - according to assuming estate agent anyway.
So God knows. But depressed. And got another agent tomorrow - are they going to shatter my world too. I'll just offer up my wrists and give them a knife.

And then, and then, when i was battling with cooking a pasta pie (which incidentally tasted like shit!) my mate Peter, who i was going to see Slumdog Millionare with tonight, bloody phones and blows me out. At 20 past 5! I was expecting him at bloody 6! I was tarted up and everything! He had a free ticket for Mandi Patinkin instead. Bastard! I hope he sits behind someone with a big hat or a column!

My mate Peter is lovely ,he really is. I've known him since 1975 from college. And despite him being a selfish little git, i loved him and was his devoted friend. The years in-between, his selfishness thinned out but in the last 2 years or so, it has come back full force. Is it that you're selfish when you're young, then you get a bit more considerate in the next 3 decades, then approaching 50 your disregard for your friends comes back in full force! Especially ones you've known for 34 years! I mean, sod him.

Am going to really sulk tonight. And smoke and drink!


Elaine said...

Who the hell is Mandi Patinkin, anyway?

Aww, you poor thing. He could have given you a bit of notice. Couldn't you have gone with anyone else? Or perhaps even...dare I say it...on your own? I know, I know, that's not the point, is it?

Well enjoy your drink and fags tonight, and have a few for me please. x

Suburbia said...

Sorry you've had a s**t day. Bloody vets bills, I can identify with that one.
We are getting our house valued (suprisingly!) and I guess it will now be worth much less than it was this time last year. Not the best time to sell (or divorce!)

Hope tomorrows better :)

Scriptor Senex said...

Look on the bright side. Today has to be better. Doesn't it. Please. Pleeeeaaasse....

Ah, what the heck. If it isn't you can always find an all-night chemist. (Paracetomol is so much less messy than a sharp knife).

"What do I care about the bloody mess," I hear you scream. I won't have to clean it up.

The Dotterel said...

Right - here's summat to take your mind off it: changing 'comments' to 'fags smoked' or 'bastards kicked' or something similar. Sign in, click 'layout' then 'edit' in the 'Blog Posts' box. Fourth item down is 'Comments' and you can change the text to whatver you want! Easy! (And if it isn't, at least it'll take your mind off all the shit!)

Mean Mom said...

I thought my vet's bill was bad enough, but your vet is just taking the p***. They have us over a barrel.

I was so intrigued by Mandi Patinkin, that I had to look him up and listen to him. Hmmm.... Not quite my thing. I feel that it would have been much worse if your friend had got 2 tickets and expected you to go with him!

I hope you get to see Slumdog Millionaire with someone, anyway!

French Fancy said...

Lucky bloke going to see Mr Patinken. I've got an old video of him in Sunday in the Park with George and I thought he was fabulous. See, it's this sort of thing that makes me homesick - not knowing stuff like what is on where.

Oh, sorry, got sidetracked then. For £275,000 you could probably buy a 6 bedroomed house in our bit of Brittany and with views of beauty...and some land...and neighbours like us :)

Shame about the vet's bill. I remember how injection-happy they always seemed to be in the UK. Oh my dog has hurt his leg/paw/ear/back. Better give him this little injection first then.

I did thank you for my award by the way. A bit late, admittedly, but I did and I love it.

Jennysmith said...

Hi Elaine

If you look at FF's post further down you will be enlightened to who Mandi P is. He is big on broadway - or was. I think he's in some TV drama now - or was. You've got to be big on muscials like my selfish mate.

Do you know, in hindsight, i wish i had gone on my own actually. i think its alright to go alone at the earlier performances, a lot of people do. But i think that cold winter night put me off.....

So Suburbia, you may be in the same boat too. We can go through our anguish together. We can slag off the estate agents every visit.

Thanks for your nice visit SS, i hope you come again. I promise ill look on the bright side from now on.

Doterell i could kiss you! Just your wisdom and advice cheers me up. do you know i was so desperate i asked a man in the computer shop today if he knew anything about blogging! He looked down his nose at such a thing i can tell you! snob, don't know what he's missing.

MM, hope you've recovered now. And thanks for your lovely support and impressed you looked Mandi P up. Yes, we should get drunk together over those vets bills!

FF, i tell you , we're selling up here and we are coming over! Sunday in the Park with George - eh? YOU should be friends with my mate Peter. As long as you're prepared for his selfish side that is. xxxxx

The Dotterel said...

Well, what's stopping you? (and while you're at it, give that computer-shop nerd a kick from me, will you?)

Henry the Dog said...

Mum has no idea who Mandi Patinkin is either. Sounds like you had a shit day Tuesday - mum did too - ha ha ha ha - I'm laughing 'cause I've done a post about it on mine and think you will have a giggle. Mum says drink and smoke all you want - life's too short. AND, she says Estate Agents are about on a level with Solicitors - pond life all of them. Sorry to any solicitors out there - I'm only quoting mum. And thanks for the award. I think I dould be a great Celeb. Perhaps Armani would want me? xxxxx