Friday, 16 January 2009

What the......

Husband had a day's holiday today. He announces he's off to Westfield Shopping Centre. I nearly dropped my fag. He hates shopping! Oh, he'll go to Tescos and that but not "frilly" type shopping. Not the kind of shopping I know. Two shirts at M&S every 6 months and thats it for him.

I got it out of him that there was a big Foyles there. But there's one near Charing Cross, my words silently told him.

And do you know what he came back with? A Nintendo Wii Fit! Well, I had a bloody fit too I can tell you. What in Gods name does a 47 year old man want with a Wii Fit? £70 from HMV he announces proudly. I didn't mention the earache i would have got if i'd spent that amount on stuff for the kids.

I mean what planet is he on? We are on the verge of moving house and spending vast sums trying to stay in the area. So much so, that we are using my semi-inheritance towards it. (Sod the kids future). The credit card is near its limit and there is a thing called a Credit Crunch.
But not where we live obviously....the silly bloody sod! Nintendo Wii shit more like!


Henry the Dog said...

My mum says - keep an eye on him Jenny - could be mid-life crisis, could be he's got his eye on a young chick!!!!!! Mum says if Uncle Hugh suddenly went out and bought a Wii Fit, she'd start having him followed;) She also says Uncle Hugh's the same when it comes to spending. She's starting to shop in the French equivalent of Nettos in order to save money and he'll come back with a new expensive gadget for his flying car and think nothing of it. Men, eh?

French Fancy said...

Hurrah, I'm not one of the last (makes a change FF, you've been bloody late lately, I hear you say). Oh dear, although I've got to say it - the Wii Fit thing is ever so much fun. You just wait until the Penguin Balance Game - you'll love it (if you can get him and the kids off it to try it yourself, that is).

It's a fun way to keep fit - although if you are like me you'll want to clear the room before getting weighed and having your BMI displayed on the screen.

I know I should be disapproving of him but I am sure you'll grow to love it soon. Although, admittedly, his timing is a bit off.

Hello Henry the dog that was Nearly An Orphan.


Elaine said...

It's taken me 10 minutes to pick myself off the floor! That line about you nearly dropping your fag on the floor just cracked me up!

On the other hand, if my bloke (not that I've got one, but if I did) came back with a Wii Fit, I'd probably straddle him from now till monday morning in absolute glee. What fun!

Oh, go on...have a go. You KNOW you want to...

By the way, the word verification is FUNTA.


French Fancy said...

I just noticed your pic. You are glamorous, blonde and lovely - obviously the brown stained fingertips don't show up in the p-hoto


Jennysmith said...

welcome back, Henry the dog, missed you. Yes, i would certainly call it a crisis but there is another saying - Boys and their Toys.

Always wanted to go to Nettos actually. But there's not one near here.

So, Wii Fit is good is it, FF. Well, i will watch this space...
Blimey, FF, i didn't realise there was an old profile photo of me there... no, seriously, that was very sweet of you. I always felt i looked fat in it (which i am - sob!)

Elaine sweetie, you have conjured up a very interesting picture there . Will be thinking about it all weekend. Probably when all this lot are on that Wii Fit thing!

Bless you and love you , my friends xxxx

Marie and John said...

Could it be that he thinks it's time to get fit. Buying wii fit is much cheaper than a gym membership.


Mean Mom said...

Hmmm.... That was a bit sneaky. I have to admit that I wouldn't have been too thrilled if my husband had gone out, just at the moment and bought something to play with. The Wii Fit doesn't appeal to me, but if it's as much fun as everyone else seems to think, maybe it'll take your minds off stuff and help you relax a bit!

The Dotterel said...

Ah, ashtrays emptied! Didn't think of that one - excellent! Don't they have a Marlboro lite programme on the Wii?

Suburbia said...

Taxing sometimes aren't they???!

Hope you're ok Jen

S x

French Fancy said...

I suddenly thought that my comment about how you might prefer to weigh yourself on the Wii machine in private might seem rude. You know I never meant it that way. However, you can even use a pin number to stop other Wii fit users accessing your profile.

It's a good way to get or stay fit. There is a running programme where your little avatar runs along waving at all his or her wii avatar friends. there's a step routine that is ever so funny and lots of things that will make you feel happy and not even realise you are exercising.

I use our machine for about 30 mins each evening. It has made me fitter and more than that I actually enjoy it - especially the penguin balance game (where you have to balance on an iceberg and catch fish) and the getting balls into a hole by tilting your body game.

Try it and then we can compare notes

Jennysmith said...

Are you calling me a lightweight, Dotterel? Marlboro' Lite? No, I've ordered Wii Roll Your Own from Amazon. A great hit in Japan and Greece apparently.

Yes, i thought you'd like the Ashtrays one.

dont' be daft, FF, i didn't even think about it. I know what you mean tho', some comments seem "funny" when you read them back. If anything you have cheered me up and given me optimism about this Wii Fit thing.

Thanks for your encouraging comment, Marie, but he's a member of the local gym as well. i'm starting to worry.

Thanks for your lovely comment too, Sub, you are also in my thoughts (and prayers) xxxx

French Fancy said...

Oi! Put that fag out because you've been tagged - come over and see what you've got to do.

ed said...

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