Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Just like a bus 2

No, the comedy did not remotely help. Did some dusting tho' and found the instructions on how to make a nail file cover (Thank God for Prima magazine I say!).

Going to have beans and jacket potato for lunch. Need all the energy I can get. Then will trudge to work for 3.15.

Oh yes, and I got the beds made!


bigbucketgirl said...

The sun is shining gloriously here and so i'm not ashamed to say that the my beds are not made! After a little lunch and a nosey through blogland I will venture upstairs and tackle the monstrosity that is my big 2's bedroom. They're sharing at the moment and as such there's twice the mesS, smell and detritus! I need a good stroll on the sand for lungfulls of fresh air before i can go there!

Thanks for visiting...

Jennysmith said...

You put such a dull task so beautifully. I wish I could convey things so vibrantly like that.

Thank you for your lovely comment.
Look forward to readin much more!

bless you

Moannie said...

Thankyou for visiting me, jennysmith...and no,I'm not going anywhere, in fact I am so into this blogging lark it has taken over a large slice of my day, or night. Welcome to the club.
as to the 'link' business, I don't know how to do it either, I call for help to my daughter Fat Frumpy and Fifty, and she bails me out.