Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Well, I get so excited at creating my own blog and then leave it almost a week before I write anything again!

Trying to get on this computer in the first place is an ordeal. Like getting an appointment with your GP! First Grumpy Husband is on it, then Daughter, then Son , then the Cat! Well, I'm exaggerating but you know what I mean. And the thing is stuck in my bedroom which seems to be the meeting centre and base of the whole house. My bed constantly has Daughter's homework on it - and Son's Nintendo games - why are those things so small??? Theres such a thing as being TOO compact.

A laptop next time. Husband talks sense at last. But when will that be I wonder. Meanwhile I have to book a "window".

How about this Autumn term then? School clubs and PTA meetings thrown at you from all directions. Its almost aggressive. Football Club is particularly cut-throat with only 20 places available. I rushed down there this morning and put the fiver and the form in Teacher's hand. Son would be unbearable to live with if he didnt' get in his morning football club.

I don't recall any clubs like this when I was at primary school. There were a few societies at secondary but not as much as there are today. The only options you had were Horseriding (that was too posh for us) and Brownies (a waiting list as long as your arm!). There were none of these chess clubs and art clubs and that. I wonder if it really benefits a child that much. I mean football club actually benefits us as a family as Son is easier to live with afterwards. But otherwise do they really get anything out of it? I know my Son's best friend hates doing Drama club but the mother is thrilled he's doing such an arty type subject. But I don't want to disillusion her.

Daughter, like me at 12, refuses to do anything. No tennis, no English club, nothing. She wants to sit and read or do homework. She hardly wants friends round and is reluctant to go to the youth club. Bless her! I used to be happy in my own little world like that.

Anyway its nearly lunchtime and jacket potato is nearly ready and i'm out of cigarettes. And there is a bundle of housework! Why is this? I only work an 11 hour week, why has it piled up like this? Another of life's little mysteries i suppose.

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Suburbia said...

My daughter is like that too. Husband is always pushing them to DO SOMETHING, but I think they're happy and don't need any more stress in their lives (and neither do I -ferrying them about to after school events!)
I work 11 and a half hours a week and there is never enough time in the day.How did I ever manage a full time job (what am I saying, keeping this lot going is a full time job!) Now you blog it can only get worse!!