Monday, 22 September 2008

Pushy Mums!

Phew! Finally get the computer to myself now everyone's cleared off to work and school and everything. Even the cat's gone outside! I understand at weekends that everyone wants to have a go on it but i begrudge not even getting a look-in. Even the cat gets priority over me.

What a monday morning! Sometimes these things start quite innocently. Went into a well known bookshop for a birthday present for one of Son's numerous friends and saw a mum there from school. Her daughter is in the other year 5 class. I know her daughter's class teacher who Son had last year. All i did, i swear, is remark that Son took far more interest in literacy with this teacher than before - he used to think literacy was for girls! - and the cow replied that the previous teacher said her daughter was phenominal at maths. My pal and I couldnt' even pronounce that word!

Now was this my fault? Did i provoke this? I remember when we were in reception and this mother told me that her Daughter wanted to go to Tiffin school - a nearby grammar school where thousands of kids fail to get in - and I said No, YOU want her to go to Tiffin school. Do you think she held a grudge?

I know this is wicked but I really hope this kid doesn't get in. I could not bear the smugness on this woman's face. I mean if it was me, I would be smug too. But please don't let her in.

Not trying for any grammer school with Son. These things lead to heartbreak. Found out this with Daughter who took the Tiffin exam. A regular 95 % in her tutor group and she ploughed the actual exam. And its a comfort that you hear about so many clever kids who don't get in there AND get a terrible score. But that didn't stop my heartbreak.

Son can be clever when he tries but I 'm not sure I could bear to "hothouse" him. I look at him when he comes home from school, lying on the sofa eating sweets and reading his Beano and cannot bear to shove those 3 for 2 WH Smith verbal reasoning books under his nose. Didn't have to with Daughter, she kind of hothoused herself. Son loves his mates and football too much. The comprehensive next door to his present school for him!!!!

Oh well, I suppose I could say he's phenominal at football. If I could pronounce it, that is.


Marie and John said...

I hate pushy parent so no I don't think it's wicked to wish the child fails to get into grammer school.

Would serve her and all the others right ! ! !

She'll no doubt come up with some corker of an excuse though...

I think too much emphasis is placed on pushing children to be academics.

Today's children need to have a skill so I'm all for the good old fashioned apprenticeship. Have you seen how much money a builder, electrician or plumber earns ! ! !

Suburbia said...

There's a meme over at mine for you if you'd like to play?!

Jennysmith said...

Oh yes, Marie, so many kids are being pushed towards university and that, that they're now worried about the skills shortage.

And have you heard recently, half the graduates drop out.

Thanks for backing me up. And i bet im not the only one who hopes she dont' get there.

Glad i haven't got this with my son. it really was heartbreaking with my daughter and i now wish i hadn't directed her to it.


ed said...
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