Thursday, 25 September 2008

You can't take it with you....

do you know I really envy people who say they spend too long at a computer and want to take "time out" (or whatever its called). I cannot get on a computer enough and want to take er - "time in" . I really resent it I cannot get on here sometimes. I won't be able to tomorrow either or Saturday. It seems a small whinge really but this blogging thing is such a new and amazing world to me and yet I can't commit to it properly.

An extraordinary thing happened on Sunday when I went to see my Mum. She gave me a cheque from late Dad's estate, it was a few thousand to "go and buy myself something". So after thanking her of course, I came up with this brilliant idea of getting a laptop for all the family to use and get rid of this dusty old boneshaker in our bedroom. The laptop could be used anywhere in the house and no-one would then troop into my bedroom to use the thing!!! I get fedup with it - how can my chamber be a wonderful love palace when Son and his mates are playing Runescape in it?

Anyway Husband was really offended! Why didn't you tell me you hated our computer, he said hurt. You'd have thought I'd confessed to an affair or something! I thought he'd jump at the chance of someone else footing a bill that would benefit him. The daft sod! And he gets to choose it and everything as I know jack-all about computers. He hasn't mentioned it since. Am tempted to go down PC world myself if i wasn't so out of my depth!

Under Mum's instructions I went to the main shopping centre yesterday to treat myself. In the old days I would have bought up loads of short and low cut dresses and any other toot i could lay my hands on. But being older now i showed great restraint. I bought these beautiful purple trousers with 3 tops to go with it. I then bought some shoes which I wasn't wild about but was fed up with looking (was hungry)

But it doesn't give you much happiness does it really. I wasnt that thrilled with anything. Is it because i'm getting older? Or have I outgrown shopping? Can;'t imagine anyone outgrowing that. I can really see why these rich people are so bloody miserable. Why they go on drugs and that. I have never seen a "drug" in my life - I'm sure i would have done if i'd been rich.

One thing i really did enjoy buying was this lovely fabric with cowboys on it from Kath Kidson. Going to make a "successful" cushion this time. I'll have to at £18 a metre!!


Suburbia said...

You need a laptop for you and the rest can have the old PC! Go on treat yourself blogging can be Sooo addictive!!

Poor old Jack eh? How long is he going to be able to stay at home with just Peggy to care for him? (always good acting I think)

Marie and John said...

When I started reading your blog I was going to suggest you get a laptop but you beat me to it ! ! ! John works in computers so if you need any help then just let me know.

When my dad died he left some money to 'his girls' (me, my older sister and her daughter). I eventually decided one of the things I wanted was something to remind me of him.

John is a huge motor racing/car fan and our living room and dinning room are full of car prints. So I found a print which was in keeping with the car theme but also have a village cricket scene. My dad used to play cricket for the local village club so I thought it was a lovely reminder of him.


Jennysmith said...

Thanks for your comment, Suburbia. I'm sorry you were a bit disappointed in Pilates. To be honest it was a bit too serious and worthy for me. And yes, there was no real camardarie afterwards for me either. Would prefer something a bit more fun.

Yes, that was a painful episode when Jack threw Peggy out. My Dad did exactly the same to my mum a couple of years ago. He thought she was someone else! Luckily the neighbours were home and mum could phone the nurse. He died last October which was a blessing really.

HAd a sneaky look at the Radio Times and saw that Jennifer and someone else was looking into Carers for Jack. It looks like something has to be done. But Sad Jack Woolley has ended up that way. He has been in the Archers for ever!

So glad Nic is back in it! (liked her!)

Love xxx

Jennysmith said...

That was a lovely thing to do, Marie, such a lovely memory of your Dad. Yes, am seriously going to think about that. Like an immortal thing.

Yes, may come running to you and John for advice especially as I have no support this end!

love xxx