Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Just like a bus....

Gosh, haven't blogged for days then along come two at once. But I guess thats what these things are for! But I don't want it to be like the old days ('70s) when I would get some lovely diary for Christmas with a lock and that and use it 3 times max!

Was going for a walk this morning. Thats all really. But did I?? did i hell?? Am I so unfit and so slothful that I can't go for one solitary walk?? No, don't answer that. Don't feel that well today actually. Don't know whether to phone in sick to The Supermarket or not. Don't want to use a "sick day" if I can help it. Want to save that for emergencies , like if one of the kids are ill or something.

Got this beautiful fabric from some posh shop in Kingston some weeks ago. Was going to make some cushions as Christmas presents. Even got the stuffing from John Lewis. And have I done it? (you know the answer to that). My mind is too distracted somehow.

AND there's housework - again! Why? Oh why?

Might listen to the comedy on Radio 4 and see how I feel after that. Better go.

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