Friday, 19 September 2008


Well, two reasons to end it all today:

Last night I attempted to make a cushion with this beautiful liberty fabric. I actually finished the job and stuffed it and everything - but it was a disaster! It was supposed to be heart shaped, it came out in the form of a pair of old baggy knickers! Although kids and Husband assured me it was nice, I had gone too far into the depths of despair!

I just can't' cut out material properly. Was going to do a pattern cutting course at the London College of Fashion until I found out it was £300!

I also blame it on Brokeback Mountain that I had on on Film 4 whilst making it. I didn't know they actually fulfilled their relationship! I thought it was a repressed thing - the love that dare not speak its name and that! Well, it was shouting it out! Those two cowboys, honestly! They were either snogging or fighting! Felt like banging their heads together! Anyway it was their fault my cushion was rubbish, especially Heath Ledgers'.

And this morning in Hounslow High Street, in WH Smith to be exact, got chatting in the queue to this friendly Asian lady explaining about the Christmas annuals being Buy One Get Half Price - and she sweetly enquired if they were for my grandchildren! Wanted to jump off a building there and then!

Surely its commonplace for older mothers now! I mean when daughter was a baby I had a few people enquire if that was my first child but not an outright accusation of being a Grandma!! Thats it , a trip to the Hairdressers for me! Get those blonde highlights in. Mind you, even when I have them done, people still comment on my grey hair!

A comforting lunch of lasagne is bubbling away in the oven now. And a promise of the Archers at 2 o'clock.


The Dotterel said...

I'm not sure the 'Olive' look is doing you any favours out on Hounslow High Street. (BTW I used to live in Hounslow - briefly: Almorah Road. Once nicked the road-sign, too, apparently. It appeared one morning in the hall of the house we shared). As far as the 'ex-unpublished author' thing goes, simple - I've been offered a contract. First time anything longer than letter has been published! Time for a celebratory cigar! PS: You've foound my 'reserve' blog - main one is at -
should you be interested.

Marie and John said...

I can sympathise about the cushion. Although my dressmaking skills aren't too bad, I've lost count of the number of times I've turned bits of patterns round or upside down to make them fit the fabric, only to find out that the fabric is then going the wrong way. Or forgetting to test which way the stretch is on jersey fabric....

Why not drop a few hints to the Birthday bunny and all his friends about the pattern cutting course. That's what I would have done had there been any courses in my area.

I can also sympathise about the grandma bit. My cousin who's a year younger than me has just become a grandmother. I've only just turned 40 ! ! !

Instead of a comforting lasagne we're just off to get our Friday night Chinese take-away which will be washed down with a bottle (or two...) of wine. Bliss.


Jennysmith said...

Sorry to come back so late on this one.

Goodness me! Sounds like something out of the Young Ones - nicking signs and that. No wonder Hounslow has such a rough reputation! Yes, I've lived near Hounslow Heath and the mainline station before coming here. Am quite sentimental about the place. Except when i'm accused of being a grandmother of course!!

You're right. The Olive look is ditched!

Congratulations on being offered a contract. Thats super news! Yes, one of those big Havana cigar things. definitely.

Gosh, two blogs! I'm sure i'll find running one quite tough sometimes. I do admire you. And your boy is lovely. You are lucky to be at home, I'm sure you've been told this already, but you can capture the wonderful things babies do that other Dads miss out on by being away.

Its really worth all the hard work.

Tell me about it Marie, my friend became a grandma at 38 and I hadn't even had my second child! Her oldest grandaughter is a year younger than my daughter!! Crazy isn't it!

Hope you enjoyed your Friday night!

Suburbia said...

Oh, a fellow Archers fan, goody!!!

Jennysmith said...

Gosh Surburbia, you have just pushed a magic button. I love the Archers. Who do you like best? I love Matt Crawford, Lillian and Brian. Find the biodigester thing a bit boring tho'.

And what the hell is a Ha-Ha?


Suburbia said...

I've seen a HA HA but it's hard to describe, just a bloody ditch really to stop the animals invading the garden!
Yes all those characters you mention are great. And then there's the ones you love to hate, Shula for example?

About time for some more scandal though don't you think?!!