Sunday, 28 September 2008

Weekend Blues

Just thought I'd come on here for a quick one before ironing and the Archers omnibus. Was supposed to go to church but skipped it today. Couldn't face another morning of rushing about.

Hasn't been the weekend I hoped it would be. Have been busy so many weekends lately - have been a temporary "customer service" staff in the local stadium sports shop - but this time Saturday was free to spend with my family. Well, Daughter lost it with me, screaming that she wished she was adopted. Teenage rampage creeping in fast! Son argued loudly with Husband (those two are like cat and dog!) and Husband had a cold - enough said.

And this morning before the blokes set off for rugby, there was shouting and banging doors. I am not enjoying my weekends lately!

On Friday night, working at the Supermarket, one customer spoke to me so badly I refused to serve him. I called the manager over, a slip of a young girl, and told her that that man had been so unpleasant to me and I didn't want to serve him. She didn't ask any questions just took over and served him for me. But I was still angry he got away with that.

But I hung around her and took over as soon as she'd finished with him. I didn't want him to think i'd gone for a break or anything. I just wanted him to know I wasn't serving him but would serve everybody else. I don't care, i'm not paid enough to put up with that sort of thing.

But what would have happened if there'd been real trouble? As I say the one remaining supervisor that time of night was only young and unprepared and they now have one security guard at the door. They always used to have security guards buzzing everywhere - now they have all gone. That store's losing money right left and centre. People are fleeing into the arms of Lidell and Aldi. Serves these greedy supermarkets right but now anything could happen and you are so vulnerable.

So I guess that hasn't helped much. Well, Jack Woolley awaits, so does my love Matt Crawford. Life isn't all bad I guess.


Marie and John said...

Well done you with the nasty little man.

When I was a civil servant I refused to take any kind of bad language or insults from the public. I wasn't paid enough to take that kind of abuse.

When I'm being the 'Customer from Hell' I refuse to speak to anyone other than a manager. They earn far more than their minions so they should be the one to get shouted at.


Jennysmith said...

thank you for your lovely comment, Marie.

Yes, i used to get shouted at like that when i was at Bradford & Bingley. Passed 'em straight on to the manager I tell you!

Feel awfully sad about B&B, worked there for 2 happy years in the '80s. Never ever thought they should become a bank.

love xxx

Suburbia said...

Good for you, refusing to serve him. I hate people who think they can walk all over others like that. Who do they think they are?!

Bad luck on your weekend. It's funny how sometimes no one really 'gells' together at the weekend and then other times thinks can go so well.

Hope you have a better week :)

(have taped the omnibus to listen too later!)

Jennysmith said...

Yes, I know what you mean. You really look forward to a quality weekend together and it just never happens. Bit of a letdown really.

take care xxx