Tuesday, 23 September 2008

My First Meme

a) Four places I go to over and over:

The river by the Richmond towpath
The local memorial gardens for my weekly "Think"
A small local cafe for coffee with my pal once a week
and yes, blogland

b) Four people who email me regularly:

My friend Medford
Husband when he's querying a credit card receipt
Ebay with my favourite items
(Boring isn't it)

c) Four of My Favourite Places to Eat:

A local tapas place
The pizza restaurant round the corner
Sam Pan Inn (Great Chinese food)
The Green Spice - a great local tandoori

d) Four Places You'd rather be:

Walking in "Spooky Gardens" - a local beauty spot with scary statues
Walking down the South Bank
Bed (sleeping)
My Gran's old house full of happy childhood memories

e) Four TV shows I could watch over and over:

Brookside (sadly missed)
Larry Sanders

f) Four People I think will respond:

The Dotterell
Dulwich Divorcee

Gosh, I hope thats all okay.


Marie and John said...

Seeing as I'm first on the list I may as well be the first to reply.

I imagine the memorial garden is a lovely place to gather your thoughts as I'm guessing it must be so peaceful. You're very lucky to have some lovely places to visit. Sadly we don't have any thing like that in Fulwell.

I'll drop you an email with some more ideas for blog which might be of interest to you. They're great as fillers when nothing much has happened in the world.



Jennysmith said...

Hi Marie, sorry to land you in it like that. I don't think i've even done it properly tho' i quite enjoyed thinking about these things.

How strange. We have a Fulwell station near us. Thats bizzare.

Hope you are well
and enjoying your new kitchen
love xxx

DulwichDivorcee said...

Hi there Ciggie! Am loving your blog, and actually v jealous of your job - my girls are desperate for me to work in Sainsbury's thanks to new ads showing the nice blonde mummy but there isn't a single opening in Herne Hill. What's a girl to do?? See you soon, DD